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The ZiZZO Convertible e-bike DIY Kit

Via, Urbano, Forte

It is a "Convertible e-Bike!"
After three years of testing various e-bike components, ZiZZO has designed a unique conversion kit for all their bikes (except Liberte).
The Convertible e-bike DIY kit is designed to easily convert ZiZZO bikes into e-bikes, and even much easier to convert them back to our regular lightweight folding bikes.
Why is it beneficial to have the ability to convert back and forth from "E" to regular?
Historically, e-bikes have a lifespan of only 3-5 years. When the "E" component fails, either due to battery, motor, or other issues,
they often become “junk” and take up space in garages or landfills.
That is because repairing an e-bike can be expensive and riding a heavy and clunky e-bike without the "E" is no fun.

The benefits to convert ZiZZO bike to an e-Bike
1. Cost-effectiveness
2. Sustainability
3. Familiarity and customization
4. Enhanced versatility
5. DIY potential
6. Upgradability

Kit comes with the following parts:
Double walled rear rim with motor
Battery with on/off/lock key
Battery charger
Rear cargo rack with battery case
A pair of break levers with power cut off
Push throttle button
LCD display monitor
Connecting cable
Cable Harness
Zip ties
Speed Cadence Sensor (sold separately)


Order Kit and Sensor together for your Via, Urbano, or Forte

Special tools

Optional Tools

Cassette gears install/remove socket & Chain whip set


Crank arm install/remove wrench


Bottom Bracket lock ring install/remove wrench

Do you have any questions?

Check out the ZiZZO FAQ page for answers to some of the more common questions. If you do not see your question answered, please reach out to our helpful Support Team at 866-788-2202 or support@zizzo.bike

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