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ZiZZO- All the benefits, None of the hassles

Bike riding is one of the best pollution-free recreational activities and the fun continues for all ages. Riding a bike not only gets you from point A to B, but it is a full body exercise that can be enjoyed individually or as a group. ZiZZO's goal is to integrate the popular cycling culture of Europe for a healthier lifestyle in America. 

What prevents everyday people from riding a bike more are the hassles related to owning and using a rather large piece of equipment. These are just a few of the challenges: security, transportation, storage, expense, and inflexibility have all diminished the appeal of bicycling. ZiZZO is here to turn this around by delivering all the benefits and take away all the hassles. 

ZiZZO, a big bike ride without compromise 

When you ride ZiZZO the first time and every time, you will be surprised by its performance. It rides like a full sized bike. It is fast and quick. The gearing will take you up a hill with ease, and down the hill with speed safely. It is stable and easier to balance with a lower center of gravity, and the fat tires provide comfort and traction for both road and trail riding.

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ZiZZO by EuroMini was founded on the principle that cycling should be affordable, accessible and fun. The folks at ZiZZO have over 50 years of combined cycling experience in every aspect of cycling from design and research to retail. And yes, we ride too. Our team has taken that experience, knowledge, and feedback to design a bike from the ground up that is built for the consumer that just wants to ride. We’ve taken the headache out of finding the right bike.

ZiZZO and its parent company are headquartered in Northern California. We have been operating in manufacturing and national distribution for over 30 years. We have successfully supported and serviced hundreds of thousands of products sold over the years. ZiZZO utilizes designers and engineers from Europe, America, and Asia. Then the bikes are manufactured by one of the largest bicycle factory in Asia producing more than 2,000,000 bikes a year for some of the biggest brands in the world. Therefore, buy and ride with confidence. ZiZZO will be here to support you for years to come.

Zizzo Bike's Office and Warehouse 

ZiZZO by EuroMini; A Division of Venquest Trading, Inc.

ZiZZO by EuroMini is a division of Venquest Trading, Inc. Venquest Trading was founded in 1983, on the philosophy of bringing high quality goods at the lowest price to our customers. Out of this philosophy, combined with a passion of cycling, grew ZiZZO by EuroMini. Venquest Trading and ZiZZO by EuroMini; bringing you high quality bike at the lowest price, without any of the hassles!

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