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Scary Great Value from ZiZZO

by Deborah Lockhart on October 06, 2021

Scary Great Value from ZiZZO Folding Bike

On the fence about folding bikes? You shouldn’t be. Folding bikes have been around for 40 years but almost all others come with a hefty price tag. Until ZiZZO that is. We designed our Fun Machine with two things in mind: go-anywhere good times and good, if not scary great, value. Whether you’re shopping ahead for the perfect statement holiday gift or looking to get in the saddle without spending a bundle, ZiZZO is an easy choice. Here’s why:

The ZiZZO Value Promise:
40 Years of Folding Bike Know-How In An All-New Brand
ZiZZO is the leading folding bicycle brand aimed at the mass market. Four decades of best practices and designs later, ZiZZO is ultra-light, super durable and priced at a fraction of the cost of other folders.

Low Maintenance Means Low Cost to Own
ZiZZO Bikes Low Maintenance

Many bikes get more expensive to own over time. The more complex a bike’s features, the more parts can wear, break or need ongoing adjustments and maintenance. ZiZZO’s combination of quality Shimano parts, rigid locking system and a streamline, paired back design means little maintenance but maximum fun.

Ready to Ride Right out of the Box
ZiZZO Ready To RIde Out of the Box

Every one of our bikes arrives on your doorstep from ZiZZO HQ adjusted, with inflated tires. There’s no need for a time consuming or costly trip to a mechanic or bike shop to get rolling. And in the rare event you decide it’s not for you, every ZiZZO has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Adjusts to Multiple Riders
ZiZZO Bikes To Adjusts To All Sizes

Every member of the family can ride the same ZiZZO. We’ve designed our bikes for fast, no-tool handlebar, stem and seat post adjustments to fit almost any rider from small to large. Simply unlatch, adjust to desired height and snap everything back into place for your ideal riding height. Of course as ZiZZO’s are more affordable than other folding bikes on the market, there’s no reason you won’t end up with one bike for everyone in the family.

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