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ZiZZO Takes A Ride WIth Bicycle Advocate Michelle Moro on TikTok

by Beau Grant on November 30, 2022

      By now everyone is probably familiar with or has heard of TikTok as it has reached worldwide popularity for its videos that can range from funny clips to the latest dance craze to inspirational videos and all points in-between. Some people hope to go viral and spend time trying to monetize the platform while others just swipe endlessly for some form of amusement. Then there are those who create something for fun that has purpose and ends up helping create change for good. Meet ZiZZO rider Michelle Moro.


      Michelle grew up in South-Central Los Angeles and like most of us had a bike as a kid but didn’t really get into riding until she attended the University of California Santa Barbara. She loved the fresh air and the trails that took her around the beautiful coastline using a mountain bike. She had no car at the time so she quickly learned about all the good and bad things of commuting on city streets. She took a trip to Japan and noticed all the folding bikes and thought to herself how she would hope to find one when she got back home. With a little research on YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook plus looking at reviews she decided to get a refurbished Liberte from www.zizzo.bike

       She instantly fell in love with the bike and even decided to customize it with a baby blue paint and some personalized graphics. With a mini camera that hangs from her necklace she decided to film herself to do some TikTok videos. Riding her ZiZZO around L.A her trips are just what she calls “Everday Moments” as she grabs a cup of coffee or maybe checks out some live music down the street. She narrates over the top of the video and shares her community and its relationship with bicycles. You will see that many local hard-working people depend on bikes to make a living and use them as a primary source of transportation. She sometimes shows the hazards that cycling in her area on her ZiZZO Liberte and has made it a point to use her platform to advocate for change. Her area is not always the best when it comes to safe bicycle infrastructure and by supporting other local bicycle groups through group rides and events, she is hoping they can make a difference. Some days her videos showcase a local favorite lunch stop and the next she is dodging cars parked in bike lanes with a hint of frustration in her voice.  

      She has accumulated a nice following of viewers that are engaged to her videos and have inspired many to get out on a bike. With a little notoriety now unknowingly the L.A Times was following her on social media. They reached out and did a full photoshoot and a story. Michelle continues to grow her following slowly but at this time has no intention of quitting her regular job. She enjoys the way it is going but if bigger opportunities came along, she is open to ideas. ZiZZO salutes all who work hard to create safer spaces for cycling. We thank Michelle for her efforts and for choosing ZIZZO to help give a glimpse into her community while showing the many reasons a folding bike is a great choice for all. 

Photo Credits L.A Times and Michelle Moro


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