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ZiZZO Life on Trains, Planes, Automobiles and Boats

by Beau Grant on March 24, 2023

The number one reason many get a folding bike is because of its portability and small footprint when space is limited. Yes, I know I am not breaking any news with that statement. I think what is interesting is hearing all of our ZiZZO family talk about the different modes of transportation they use for various situations. We all know that our ZiZZO can easily fit in the trunk or backseat of even a small car. One time on a photoshoot with the Bauer family in the mountains I brought 4 in my mid-size Honda Accord. They were side by side comfortably folded up in the backseat standing up. I still had space in the trunk if we needed a fifth bike. At 27" x 31" x 14" even a tiny renta; car in Europe could accommodate a ZiZZO. Let's get into some other ways people have been telling us how they use their folding bike.  

Boaters continue to share stories of their island-hopping adventures and remote bike rides away from the big city. Whether vacationing in Hawaii or cruising around the keys in Florida they share how quick and easy it is to tuck away their ZiZZO and take a trip across a body of water then dock and roll. If you choose to do this just understand that the salty water, sand or humid conditions can cause some rust and mechanical issues that you don’t want to ignore. Have some fun in the sun but some quick cleaning/lubing after the day is over is a good idea. Let’s not forget our Ferry riders! Many people pop on a Ferry and avoid the hassles of traffic and get some exercise stress free. Just last week a couple came in and bought an orange Via because they liked the San Francisco Giants colors. They were getting ready for the new season as they have a “bike valet” right at the stadium where the ferry drops them off! A ZiZZO ride then a few hot dogs and crackerjacks rooting on the home team sounds like a fun day!! 

All aboard! Let’s travel by train! Whether you are riding along on Amtrak from point A to B, locally on your subway to work, or on vacation in Europe riding the rails is a great way to go. Most trains are ready for all makes of bikes but folding bikes are probably a welcome site taking up a lot less space. Stored away or sitting by your side, once the doors open it is time to go explore somewhere new and have an adventure.  

Why drive when you can fly? It is not uncommon that for our ZiZZO family to have a pilot's license and take their trusty ZIZZO along. Many times, we get calls asking about dimensions from pilots who want to put a ZiZZO in the back of their small planes so when they land, they can just grab the bike and ride off from the hanger. That may be the best of both worlds, getting a bird's eye view and then discovering things close up from the ground. Many say that riding a bike is the best way to truly see a city or explore the country. With an airplane and a ZiZZO you can really cover some ground.  

We enjoy hearing about everyone's adventures and how they use their ZiZZO. Whether it's for pleasure, exercise, commuting, or anything else always feel free to share with us on our social media and in the Facebook Owners Group. Enjoy the Ride! 


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