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by Beau Grant on August 11, 2023


  Now that the cat is out of the bag about the ZiZZO Convertible e-bike ™ DIY Kit we want to give you a sneak peek into what is involved in making your ZiZZO “electrified”. Are you confident working on a bicycle and considering doing the job yourself or are you just looking to have a bike shop do the work? We want to help you make informed decisions so there is no big surprise when getting the E-Kit so we hope you will consider reading this blog and watching the videos that we have uploaded to YouTube. CLICK HERE FOR YOUTUBE VIDEO SERIES We can’t release details on price, specs, or launch date just yet but stay tuned. If you want to get on an email notification list, send us an email at support@zizzo.bike and add the model's name you are considering putting the E-Kit on.

  Rather than go into every step of transforming your ZiZZO into an E-Bike we will go over the bare basics. If you want to see the instructional video series click here for the playlist. To start the party off you will need to be able to take off the rear wheel of your ZiZZO and transfer the tire and tubes to the new E-Kit rear wheel. (Yes, this E-Kit has a rear-drive hub) You could buy new tires and tubes for the new E-Kit wheel if you like. You would just need to get the same size as what you had on the original wheel. The new E-Kit has a few variations based on your ZiZZO model but will require adding the cassette to the new wheel.

  Moving on to the handlebars you would be taking off all the parts and disconnecting the brake cables. The EKit will come with new brake levers, LCD readout, cables, cable management tools, and throttle controller. You will need to attach all those parts and reattach the brake cables. A new rear rack designed for the ZiZZO that is included in the E-Kit will need to be attached. If you already have a rack you will need to remove that one and replace it with the E-Kit version.

  At this point it is time to move on to the crankset. The non drive side crank arm gets removed and a sensor is installed. The crank arm gets re-attached and it is time to start attaching the color-coded cables. After all connections are made cables are easily bunched together and attached to various parts of the frame and the front of the bike with cable keepers/zip ties. Once all the heavy lifting is done the small LCD head unit will need to be programmed with a few simple taps of buttons on the scrolling menu.

  Those are the minimum changes you or the bike shop will be expected to make as far as the mechanical side of things. Once again there will be some variations based on your model of ZiZZO and we will discuss more of those details soon. Feel free to check out the video showing the installation of the E-Kit on YouTube to see if it will be a good fit for you before we announce the launch date on our website. Details on price, release date, and specifications are coming soon. Thanks for your patience.


by jeffbozos on August 16, 2023

I don’t think I’d want a battery over the rear wheel as easy as it was to wheelie before a motor. I just put a bafang mid drive with a battery over the front tube and it still folds perfectly.
Honestly I don’t get people freaking out about e bikes needing disc brakes since all of my road bikes have regularly went 30+ mph with rim brakes. The issues reducing my stopping power are usually the rear wheel lifting off the ground or tires don’t have enough traction. If anything I’ll upgrade just the pads usually more to reduce noise than anything.

by Soon on August 14, 2023

COOL VIDEOS. Would like to know if a. Battery is removable or not (and how easily?) and b. How much is the additional weight of the motor plus battery and cables. I have been using a liberty. For 3 years and going well. Thanks

by Larry Profeta on August 14, 2023

Very happy with my ZiZZO bike and find electrifying it very interesting

by Anonymous on August 14, 2023

Like it how much and when. Have two Urbanos.


by Anonymous on August 14, 2023

sen info

by David Markham and Susan Barney on August 14, 2023

We just purchased 2 bike bags, and have already purchased 2 Liberte’ bikes on January 7, 2020. Very interested to convert these bikes to electric! Please keep us posted. I will very likely be able to do the exchange with 20+ years working on bikes. Keep up the good work!

by Dale on August 14, 2023

If the bike is not charged can the bike still be ridden?

by Becky Pardud on August 14, 2023


by Hardik Kothari on August 14, 2023

With the type of brakes present on my bike (Liberte), this is a risky move going with higher speeds. At the minimum, electric bike needs proper disc brakes for good stopping.

by Richard King on August 14, 2023

Like the Forte bike, will wait for the electric version.

by Barry Rosen on August 14, 2023

I’m. Very interested in the kit and have experience with bicycle mechanics. My one comment is that the sound on the intro video is poor

by Linda Palmer on August 14, 2023

Can’t wait !


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