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by Beau Grant on July 14, 2022

ZiZZO Folding Bike Goes Camping

For many people summer is synonymous with going out in nature and doing a little camping. I can see how it could be a great time, but I have to be honest... I had some horrible, “no fun experiences” as a kid. Examples include: it rained and the tent was flooded., ants got into all the food, and we didn’t catch a single fish at the lake and we were bitten up by mosquitos! 

That was many years ago, and I am ready to give the great outdoors experience a chance again on a ZiZZO! After watching numerous bikepacking adventures on YouTube I am almost ready to have my own using the ZiZZO Forte.  

 ZiZZO and Camping

“Bikepacking” is like touring but you bring everything you need to camp but using your bike. The Forte is made to handle a heavy load. With all the gear bags loaded down with tents, food, and water the bike and rider combined will weigh around 275lbs. Luckily the ZiZZO Forte is made to handle up to 300lbs load capacity. It is the only heavy-duty folding bike on the market and the perfect choice for trying out “bikepacking”. Since it comes with a rack on the back it will be all ready to strap down my gear as I head off into the woods to a campsite up the mountain. The 7-speed gearing along with the 2-inch-wide Kenda tires should be just fine for the terrain I will be looking to map out.  

If I need to make a change to the gearing it will be no problem swapping out the rear cog because it has all industry standard parts. Grinding up steep climbs is not my preferred choice compared to spinning at a higher cadence so I may just consider it.  

ZiZZO Camps with Tent 

One thing I have always wondered about when I see bikepacking videos is the threat of while you're sleeping your bike getting stolen. I’m pretty confident that after unpacking the bags and setting up my 2 person tent the ZiZZO will fold down nicely and be inside with me as I sleep. 

 Even though I am excited to have this adventure I know that If I have any unforeseen issues, I can always get bailed out calling an uber or a good friend. I can just pop off the bags and fold it down into a trunk or whatever vehicle to get me back home. I really hope I don’t have to do that but it’s nice to know just in case.  

 ZiZZO Bikes Along Green Hills

Now that the ZiZZO is ready to roll I may be faced with the toughest decision yet...a can of baked beans over a fire, or one of those “just add hot water” meals?  

Look for a future video on our YouTube channel as I document the experience or follow us on Facebook for updates of the adventure. We hope you will find your adventure on a ZiZZO and share it with us on our social media as well.  

Tag us on Instagram so we can show the world that ZiZZOs are not just another commuter bike. 


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