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TOP 5 ZiZZO Customer Questions with Answers

by The Affiliate Marketplace on August 04, 2021

One of the amazing benefits of owning a ZiZZO bike is having access to their extremely knowledgeable technical team. Whenever a ZiZZO owner has a question, the ZiZZO team is readily available to assist! 
When we looked at our most frequently asked questions from new ZiZZO owners, we realized they exemplified the types of questions asked by most bicycle riders. Are you wondering what the questions and answers are? Check them out below! 
*Please note: most answers were derived after the customer had submitted supporting video and/or images. 


#1 QUESTION: My brakes are squeaking. Could you help me troubleshoot and fix it? 

ZiZZO Brakes
A:  1. Squeaky brake sounds can be from the pads vibrating too much. A great way to adjust this is by "toeing in" the pads. This is a common fix for new brakes:  

2. Brakes can be contaminated with dust or metal flakes from the rim, or the braking surface becoming very smooth (by glazing). Think of a very clean window and you rub your finger on it. It makes that squeaky clean sound. The following is another common fix for this noise:  
First, with all your might, SQUEEZE the brake levers (one at a time is fine). SQUEEZE the lever so that it touches the handlebar (or as close as you can get it). Hold that for 15 seconds. Repeat this on the opposite side. This will help to "loosen" the brakes and break them in faster than regular riding. 
Now that you've broken in your brakes, we can take care of that noise. Using a bit of fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool, rub the rim and brake pad surface. This will help to remove the "glazing" or contaminants that cause the squeal. The sandpaper or steel wool will help to roughen up the braking surface and or clean off the brakes. 

3. Brake cables may squeak because they are twisted around the handlebars or other parts of the bike. Make sure your cables are routed properly and freely 

Whatever you do, NEVER EVER use lubricants or oils to remedy squeaking brakes!!  


#2 QUESTION: My seat post is sliding. Could you help me troubleshoot and fix it? 

ZiZZO Seat Post 
A: The quick release may need to be tightened. Please reference this video on adjusting the quick release; 
We also have an article that describes how to adjust the quick release: 


#3 QUESTION: My stem lock is creaking. Could you help me troubleshoot and fix it? 

ZiZZO Stem Lock

A: Creaking from the stem more commonly fixed by adjusting the headset follow this link: and by doing slight adjustments on the locking plate. This locking plate uses a 4mm Allen key, make 1/8-1/4 turn clockwise adjustments and check after every adjustment the plate is found at the base of the stem (pointed by the top red arrow on the attached reference photo)  
I hope you find this information useful, let me know if the noise goes away. 

#4 QUESTION: Can I (enter specific modification here) to my ZiZZO (enter specific bike model here)? 

ZiZZO Modification 
A: ZiZZO Bikes use industry standard sizing and mountings for a 20” folded bike and accessories, so you should be able to add (XXX) to your (XXX). Please note, we are not able to recommend any third-party products for our bicycles because we haven't tested them. 


#5 QUESTION: What are the main differences between the ZiZZO bike models? 

ZiZZO Model Differences 
A: The main differences are as follows: 
Ferro $249 – Recreational steel folding bike 29 lbs. (casual bike feel) 

Campo $299 - Recreational aluminum folding bike w/ fixed (non-adjustable) handlebars 28 lbs. (beach cruiser feel) 

2022 Campo $329 - Recreational aluminum folding bike Adjustable handlebars 28 lbs. (beach cruiser feel) 

Via $379 - Multi-terrain/multi-purpose folding bike w/ fenders 27 lbs.  (hybrid/commuter bike feel) 

Forte $479 – Heavy duty; 300 lbs load limit, multi-terrain/multi-purpose folding bike w/ fenders & rear rack 29 lbs. (higher load limit hybrid/commuter/touring bike feel) 

Urbano $429 - Next Gen lighter/stronger aluminum frame, multi-terrain/multi-purpose folding bike 24 lbs. (hybrid/commuter bike feel) 

Liberte $479 - Next Gen lighter/stronger aluminum frame, w/ narrower and higher-pressure tires folding bike 23 lbs. (hybrid/road bike feel) 

For a detailed chart of the differences, click here: 





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