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The ZiZZO Mod Squad

by Beau Grant on April 03, 2023

Maybe some of you out there remember “The Mod Squad” television show. In todays blog we are talking about how our ZiZZO family love making modifications on their bikes. I am affectionately giving anyone out there customizing their bike as being a part of “The Mod Squad”. Not only do we see the videos and pictures on our own Instagram and Facebook Owners Group but we scour the depths of YouTube to see what everyone is doing out there. We really enjoy the creativity that our riders have shown over the years and how they customize their bikes to their needs. ZiZZO customer service gets questions every day from curious riders who already own a ZiZZO and ones looking to buy one. In general, we can’t comment on third party products and try to stay within what is recommended by the manufacturer. With that said to quote a famous movie pirate” They are more like guidelines rather than actual rules."

Many times, we like to direct anyone asking “mod” questions to check out the "ZiZZO Owners Group" on Facebook. Over the years we have seen everything from riders stripping their bikes and repainting them to their favorite color to changing the components to ultralight parts that shave off pounds. Some riders who have a background with road bikes have put on new aero bars, changed out the brakes, added clipless pedals, and fast spinning carbon wheels to get them to familiar ground. On the other end of the spectrum some riders like to take it slow and tour around with racks and bags to go on adventures. Many times, the bags are attached to the rack in the back but we also see a fair share of cool handlebar bags and panniers. Some go as far as matching the bags and get some color coordination going that looks sharp. Flags, lights, and stuffed animals attached with a bungee cord is not out the norm either.

Comfort is king! There is no need to feel uncomfortable on your ZiZZO and since the parts are industry standard you can make the bike fit your body shape and style of riding with a few simple mods. ZiZZO owners continue to come up with ways to make the bike fit them better with unique stem extensions, highly padded seats, and handlebars with multiple hand configurations. Some riders even change out the grips for something a little more forgiving on their palms.

Tires and wheels are always a hot topic. “Can I put this size tire on that rim?” and “Can I change out the cog/cassette and/or chainrings?” The answer is most of the time “Yes!” but once again we can only give out the recommended specs. What you do is your choice but we suggest you consult with your local bike shop to find out how any of the changes to your drivetrain and/or wheels will affect your ride. You can always ask our “mod squad” enthusiasts in the owner's group and they will at least share their experiences to help you make an informed decision. 

Are you looking for an added boost up that hill? Aren’t we all! Sometimes an extra push is all we need. There are some that have found certain “kits” to help them make their rides a little more electric. A few in the owner's group have done it and offer their advice if you choose to ask. Look for ZiZZO to be offering something in the future.

Keep the mods coming and as always feel free to call/email us at ZiZZO as with any questions and we will do our best to help. Enjoy the ride!



by Tony on June 19, 2023

Hi Dean!
If you would like to pick the brains of some of our riders, you can check out the USer’s Group Page here:
Ask to join and you’re in!
Please let us know if you have any questions.

by Dean Monteleone on June 19, 2023

How do I ask the owners group about electric kits?


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