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Getting Ready For the ZiZZO Convertible Ebike ™ DIY Kit

by Beau Grant on July 28, 2023


   Yes, the rumors are true! ZiZZO will finally be introducing The ZiZZO Convertible Ebike   DIY Kit. This kit will allow a ZiZZO owner to change out a few parts and have a fun experience gaining a little electric assist to their cycling experience. The beauty of this kit is that the parts are easily taken on and off to allow the bike to be ridden with or without power. All the parts are modular and if needed can be purchased for replacement. When you purchase this kit you will still get the quality customer support ZiZZO is known for. More details about price, specifications and launch date are coming soon!

  According to “Fortune Business Insights” the global electric bike market size was valued at 37.47 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow to 120 billion by 2030. So why has it taken so long for ZiZZO to get into the E Bike game? As we have all watched how things have played out in the E Bike world over the last 5 years there have been many “red flags” that we saw as a company and as riders ourselves. It would have been easy to throw anything out there to the public to make a buck and deal with the headaches and growing pains. What we felt was more important was doing what was best for our customers and in keeping with our core principles while addressing each of the common problems associated with the overwhelming popularity of E Bikes.

Safety first- Over the last five years there have been many concerns over batteries. ZiZZO had to spend a lot of time searching for quality components that have been tested and proven safe. ZiZZOs new E Kits are currently awaiting UL certification. E Bike companies are all scrambling to get this certification as it will become the standard just like you see on all your electrical products. Another safety issue we discovered in many E Bikes is that some jolt out from the rider as soon as the “throttle” is touched, or the pedals are barely moving. We have concentrated on this feature so the rider must be pedaling at least 3-5 mph and is ready for the gradual assist it provides. This feature will lead to less accidents. The other feature that was important to us was max speed. We did not want our bikes to become “electric motorcycles” and keep within the realm of fun bicycle riding that still allows quality exercise.

Affordability- We went through many versions to find a product that was of good quality and value at the same time. We understand it may not make sense to buy a kit if it costs as much as just buying a whole new E Bike from another company. If you go into a local bike shop, you will see anything from $1000-$10,000 E Bikes. We feel that with this kit you can take your existing ZiZZO and swap it over at an affordable price that won’t break the bank. Prices to be announced soon.

Installation- We wanted to make this kit as easy as possible for those that feel comfortable doing some simple modifications. Taking this kit to a local bike shop should not be an issue as they could easily install it with the tools they have. If that is the route you choose, we highly suggest calling around before purchasing to find local bike shops' rates and if they even perform these conversions. If you do feel like installing, we have also come up with a kit for each ZiZZO model's specifications that will be available for purchase. With the E-Kit, toolset, and an instructional video/manual we feel confident our ZiZZO family will be able to make changes to their bike to add some electric fun. Of course, you can always count on our top-rated customer service to help with any questions or issues. ZiZZO management says “The ZiZZO Convertible Ebike  DIY Kit gives you the option to go “E” or quickly back to regular bicycles. This is how to save money and the environment. Unlike the specialty ebikes, nothing is wasted with ZiZZO’s Convertible Ebikes  . “E” assist or pedal only, ZiZZO is a lifetime of fun for the entire family.”

  We Thank You for your patience as we have put a lot of thought, effort, and trial into coming up with a product that our ZiZZO family would be happy with. More details in upcoming blogs. Stay Tuned!

by Doug Kersten on December 13, 2023

I got the DIY kit. It took about 4 hours to install, but the bike worked perfectly when I was done. The quality of the components is excellent, and I really like that it is reversible. I took it out in the dark because I couldn’t wait to try it. It was really very smooth to operate. It doesn’t interfere at all with pedaling and supports it well. I am going to be able to travel a lot farther with this upgrade.

by Anonymous on August 14, 2023

Keep me posted and save me a kit! Looking to upgrade my Zizzo Liberte.

by David Coralnick on August 09, 2023

I’ve been enjoying my Liberte when I go camping. It fits behind my passenger seat in my 2000 Toyota Tacoma xtracab 4wd perfect. It’s my campground trail bike. I’ve been thinking about an e-bike but I don’t want to buy another bike then have to use a bike rack. I’ll have my same set up but with electric assist. Awesome!

by Gina Earls on August 07, 2023

Can you put me on the waitlist to get all the information about the new electric add-on as soon as you post? I’m very excited and interested in this. Thank you!

by Mike Lucek on August 04, 2023

E-Zizzo waitlist.

Please add my email to the waitlist! Can’t wait!

Mike Lucek


by Tony on August 03, 2023

Hi Hardik
Great question and the answer would be: Class 2
Class 2 E-bikes are defined as:
Having Pedal Assist
Having a Throttle
Maximum speed 20MPH or lower.

by Hardik Kothari on August 03, 2023

Have been thinking of buying an e-bike for sometime. Especially with the Seattle hills. Will this be Class1/2/3?

by Pat H on August 03, 2023

Yipeee! Been waiting for this news for a while. Keep me posted and save me a kit!

by Guan-Soon on August 03, 2023

Look forward to seeing this ebike kit! I have enjoyed both our Zizzo bikes and have been looking for a lightweight kit to pair w my Liberte! Let us know when it’s ready!

by Wendy Munson on August 02, 2023

Please put me on your list also for the e-bike attachment. I have 2 Urbanos. One at our Florida house for the winter, and one at our Canada house for the summer. Sooo love my bikes by this 68yr old woman 👍

by George on August 02, 2023

I’m so excited! I’ll definitely pick up a few of these DIY kits for all of my ZIZZO bikes. I hope you folks at ZIZZO are ready for what I imagine will be an overwhelming demand. Congrats!

by fran on August 02, 2023

This is a great idea. I bought a Zizzo for my mom to move around town and see her friends when she comes to visit but at 77 it is getting hard for her to put on the miles the way she used to. She would love to get this upgrade for when she is tired of pedaling and needs a bit of an assist. I just hope there is a way to limit the speed.

by Michael Albritton on August 02, 2023

I have 2 zizzo bikes and because of them, at least 4 others have been sold here in our rural georgia area. I am very interested in the e kit! y’all have built a great bike!

by Ken on August 02, 2023

This is exciting. The problem with many E Bikes is that they’re built for electric use primarily. They are not good bikes in general and are poor at motor less operation. These often have low cost gearing without acceptable ranges to pedal without power such as when the battery runs down or to enable the exercise benefits of a pedal bike. I’m thinking that Zizzo’s EBIKE DIY Kit will use the existing pedal powered drivetrain that works great, but that adds a motor to supplement the already well engineered platform. As for remote charging, I use a separate 75,000 mAh Li-Ion battery that weighs about 5 lbs that I take with me in my bike rack bag or back pack, and recharge while having lunch somewhere or enjoying my destination. This could be used on a boat also.

by Anonymous on August 02, 2023

Hurry Up , Can’t wait

by Dan Krevere on August 01, 2023

WoW. Great news. I already electrified my Via model 2 years ago with a Swytch Kit that came with a new front wheel and battery/Controller mounted on handlebars. Works nicely after some tweaks and waiting 5 months for the kit to come. It has a cadence sensor on pedal cranks, and also a thumb throttle. For safety there is a motor cutout when brakes are applied.. Has been a nice solution at minimum weight increase but I wished Zizzo had one earlier. The folding bike Zizzo experience is top knotch and now for future riders advancing in age,great. The EV help concept with only a 250W engine is perfect to help me extend max 1 hour rides thru the Virginia Country side on bike trails to 2-4 hour rides without killing me. And, it stores nicely in the back of my Tesla EV.

All should enjoy “the EV experience” on a Zizzo for longer more enjoyable fun rides.

by Kathryn on August 01, 2023

I want the kit.
Love my ZiZZO but cannot keep up with my husband on his e-bike.
This should make up the difference .

by Don on August 01, 2023

Will you have a battery pack that can go on a airplane as we take our zizzo bikes to Mexico every year.

by Marie on August 01, 2023

Sounds very interesting. What is the Weight? Is it heavy?
How many hours of use before it needs a recharge and for how long?

I have a Zizzo that I bought from you in 2020. I have a guy who has been fixing bikes for decades and I’m so lucky to have him. I’m going to ask him if he’ll put it on if I get one.

by Linda Palmer on August 01, 2023

Please place my name on wait list for e-bike conversion kit to fit my Liberte. Will battery be removable to charge? Can we buy extra battery?
How much weight will it add ? How many miles on a charge? Can’t wait, was just checking out e-bikes and hated to let go of my ZiZZO.

by Mike on August 01, 2023

Please put me on the list for the Zizzo Electric conversion kit.


by Steve Melton on August 01, 2023

appears to be a logical design.

by Bev Colgan on August 01, 2023

Perfect timing! I love my Zizzo and would much rather convert than start from scratch. And I have confidence in your engineering.

by Ken on August 01, 2023

My big concern is cost as we are retired and on a fixed income.

by Anonymous on August 01, 2023

I’m definitely looking forward to electrifying my Zizzo. Bring it on!!

by William Cromwell on August 01, 2023

Hi, please put me on your zizzi ebike conversion list so that I’ll get full info when it becomes available. Thanks!

by Joey Dee on August 01, 2023

Zizzo is where design, quality , value and responsibility connect in a rare and special commerce that renews my spirit and hope for mankind.

Zizzo breaks the mold of corporate predators and consumer victims.

Proud to be a Zizzo bike owner.

by Reuben on August 01, 2023

That certainly is great and surprising news! I hope the kit will be affordable, especially to those with limited income and financially strapped seniors like myself.

Will the kit include the battery. I know a lot of kits being sold, though reasonably priced, comes without a battery.

Presently if you look around for used e-bikes, the prices can be amazingly low, far from retail prices – and in excellent condition including minimal usage. So, with that in mind, I do hope the Zizzo e-kit will be worth the wait and purchase.

by Joseph Donahue on August 01, 2023

PLEASE add me to your wait-list
will leave deposit to head the line
your bike is AMAZING (new proud owner of a Zizzo)
203.260.0808 mobile & text

by David Collins on August 01, 2023

We have two zizzo bikes and just bought a third e-bike in November. I can’t wait to add electric power to your bikes. We keep all three on the boat and use them every time we can.

by Anonymous on August 01, 2023

exciting! Do you have an estimate for when the e-bike kit would come out and how much it will be?

by Doug Ascoli on August 01, 2023

Great news! I’ll be very interested in converting!

by Janice Smith on December 14, 2023

Love my Via!!! Looking forward to checking out the conversion process, product, and pricing. Thank you for a fine product at a fair price.

by Janice Smith on August 01, 2023

Love my Via!!! Looking forward to checking out the conversion process, product, and pricing. Thank you for a fine product at a fair price.

by Tony on July 31, 2023

Hi Claudia!
We can’t wait to hear about your adventures with your “electrified” ZiZZOs!

by Tony on July 31, 2023

Great question!
In short, absolutely! Think of the motor on the bike as an extra “gear” that allows you to go a bit further and faster than you normally would.
This includes hills. ;-)

by Tony on July 31, 2023

Carmen You'll be able to purchase the kit directly from our site, once we launch! We're squashishing a few more "bugs" before we launch, however. If you like, shoot us an email at supportzizzo.bike to be added to the waitlist. Once we launch, the folks on the waitlist will be the first to know!

by Carmen on July 31, 2023

How do we purchase the eBike conversion kit? Wha is the cost?

by Cindy on July 31, 2023

WOW. You folks are the best. Not sure if I will go for one right away but it is in my future for sure. We live in the mountains. Will the assist help much on hills?

by Claudia diller on July 31, 2023

Wow, this is great news. We have a sailboat in maine and love our Zizzos. They go with us everywhere. Recently ride them in Acadia National Park on the famous carriage roads. Though we’re in good shape in our mid-70s, there were times we wished we were electric. Our issue is plug in to charge batteries. Hopefully we can figure out how to do this on the boat. Can’t wait ti see what you come out with.

by Arde on December 14, 2023

So exciting! Thank u. Can’t wait!


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