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Part 2 Demystifying Bike Shop Talk

by Beau Grant on February 10, 2023

In our last blog we talked a little bike shop lingo that pertains to most regular big bikes. This week in part 2 we are going to go over ZiZZO/folding bike specific terminology that you may or may not know. So, let’s get into it so we can all communicate and be on the same page when talking bikes with a local bike shop or customer service. 

Stem/Stem Lock- On a ZiZZO the stem is the long telescopic pole that comes up and holds the handlebars. Along the stem near the bottom is the “stem lock” and that is the piece that opens up to fold down or snaps shut to secure it. Within that lock is the secondary lock. About three quarters the way up the stem is the quick release that allows you to adjust the height.


Frame Lock/Lock Hinge- Even though there are two models/styles on the ZiZZO bikes they essentially do the same thing. With a nice snap into place, they hold the two sides of the bike together. Within the lock under the handle are some moving parts that allow the mechanism to stay secure or get adjusted for tension. The secondary lock is within this set of moving parts. These parts may not be able as easy to find but you can always call us to help. 

Quick Release- This term can be used for many parts of a ZiZZO folding bike as it is a common mechanism to tighten/release various parts that may need to be adjusted multiple times. “Quick release” skewers are part of bike wheels on our Liberte and make it easy to take on and off the wheels with a clamping system rather than needing a wrench to loosen a nut. On our ZiZZO’s there are multiple quick release latches that allow adjustments to secure seatposts, handlebars, and stems.  

Crankset- Consists of the crank arms, chainrings(sprockets), and sometimes the center is called the spider on some models. The arms are connected through the bottom bracket of the frame using a spindle. We could go into a lot more detail but all that info is out there if you would.  

Cockpit- The cockpit components include all the contact points between rider and bike like the saddle, handlebars, and pedals. Also in this category are the other essential parts including headsets, seatpost and stem. 

Saddle- Call it seat or saddle your choice. Underneath the saddle are two rails that slide back and forth on the bracket of the seat post clamps. By sliding they allow the rider to adjust “fore and aft” which is just how forward or back the seat is sitting.  

We hope that these terms and simple explanations will help you be able to talk the talk in case you need to order parts, get maintenance, or speak with someone regarding a bike of any kind with a shop or customer support.  

by Tony on July 24, 2023

Hey Jeronimo
When you can, please contact our Customer Support Team at 866-788-2202 or support@zizzo.bike.
Installing tires can be difficult, especially seating the last few inches of the bead.
There are a few tips we can share with you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

by Jeronimo on July 24, 2023

How can I install my liberte folding tires im having a problem changing them both tires they seem to be hard to install


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