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Bike to Work Week is Coming!

by Beau Grant on May 12, 2023

   National Bike Month is in full swing, and it is almost “Bike to Work Week”(May 15-19) and “Bike to Work Day” (May 18) For some of you riding to work is just a normal part of your day but for some it seems like a daunting task. For all you ZiZZO owners out there we think you couldn’t have a more perfect bike to make it happen! If you have been curious about the whole idea of cycling to work but came up with a million reasons why not too we hope this blog may give you the nudge you need to give it a try.

  Did you know that only .6% of commutes were done by bicycle in the USA? What is even more shocking is in comparison to the Netherlands 62% of commutes were done by bicycle. But let’s not focus on the negative as the number of commuters who bike to work increased from 488,000 to 786,000 or an increase of 61% from 2000-2019. So, join the party and let’s do this as things are trending up!

  Are you one of the lucky ones that live and work in the same city? Half the battle is won right there. Grab your helmet and go! Map out a bike friendly route and get rolling. No matter how far away from work you will have to ride I would suggest that you experiment on a day over the weekend in advance to see how long it would take. Always give yourself some time in case you get a flat or need to change clothes at work.

  Do you live far from work and riding all that way is a bit too much? Do a combo commute using trains, buses, or even a ferry. Since the ZiZZO folds up to a tiny 27-31-13 you can ride a little then fold up to take another form of public transportation only to unfold again and ride the last bit to work. Since the ZiZZO is pure fun you will find yourself in a way better mood to start the day not to mention not having to deal with all the crazy road rage out there. If possible, consider doing a “test run” to work out the details before just doing it. Most of the time I like a good surprise but not when it causes me stress. Having the logistics worked out can make it a smooth event. Don’t forget to have that ZiZZO all tuned up before you try it as well. A good safety check is always a good idea.

If riding to work is just not possible then may we suggest something a little closer to home. According to the “League of American Bicyclists 40% of all trips taken are 2 miles or less. Is it possible to get out our ZiZZO and get that chore done without getting the car keys? Instead of driving to the grocery store, post office, or fast-food restaurant take out your ZiZZO and have a nice ride all the while getting exercise and saving gas.

As “Bike Month” is almost at the halfway point it is not too late to see what your local bike club and shops have planned. Do a search of events put on by local cycling organizations and get involved. "Bike to Work Day” is Thursday May 18th and many cities have “energizer stations” serving food and drinks for cycling commuters. They also have booths with information from local bike advocates so look for them as well. Happy commuting!


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