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by Deborah Lockhart on July 01, 2021

Summer is here, the pandemic is coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to finally purchase that bike you’ve been eyeing! So, what’s stopping you? Oh. Bike prices. They’ve increased and you’re hoping they’ll come back down to normal? Unfortunately, due to various global factors, these prices are likely here to stay.  It’s not the bike companies’ decision though, it’s the fault of these three major influences: 

Raw Material Cost 

ZiZZO Folding Bike Raw Materials
It’s hard to keep bike prices low when the materials to build them are going up. Supply and demands are driving up raw resources' costs. Materials, metals, plastics, basically the cost of everything a manufacturer needs to make a bike has risen in price.  Buyers are being hit with price increases across multiple textiles.  
Manufacturers are facing elevating challenges through the supply chains. It’s almost come to the point where companies have to pay more to sell less. 
Customs Duty 

Customs Duty
Bike companies who manufacture their collections overseas have had to deal with an additional production cost for over 2 years now. “When the U.S. administration put import taxes on bikes and parts from China, it incoherently increased the price of many bikes by over 25%,” Greenville News. 

In AUG., 2019: U.S. Administration imposed a 10% tariff on Chinese goods worth $300 billion in annual imports, including bicycle products that were not previously affected. Effective from the 1st of September bike parts and accessories, twist grips, click stick lever, derailleurs, 3-spd hubs, aluminum handlebar stems and more prices saw a price increase up to 25%.  
Everything relating to your new bike purchase has increased! 
Shipping Cost
The third worst factor causing bike prices to soar: higher shipping costs. Shipping companies have had to raise prices due to a number of factors, including overcrowded ports, too few ships, dockworkers, drivers and trucks. Solving the money crises cannot be determined by any short-term fix and the U.S. bike chains are suffering because of it. 
Who knew you’d have to not only pay more for bike materials, but also for the price of customs and shipping? Ug!  

Resolution: ZiZZO Bike Costs 

Affordable ZiZZO Bikes
Don’t wait any longer to purchase your bike, buy a ZiZZO! The team at ZiZZO bikes are working extremely hard to keep bike costs down to ensure YOUR ZiZZO bike cost will stay as low as possible. ZiZZO cuts out one layer of distribution from factory to the consumers. Also, ZiZZO continues to offer FREE SHIPPING to its customers. Affordable prices range from $249.99 for a refurbished bike to $479.99 for a brand new Liberte which includes free shipping.

In addition to FREE SHIPPING, ZiZZO also adds value to our products which sets us apart from the competition by offering:

*A 30-day money back guarantee
*A lifetime warranty on the frame
*An installment plan option

Enjoy riding a ZiZZO bike as soon as next week! 


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