Adjusting the stem lock on your Campo (2017 & earlier)

Tools Needed

Phillips Screwdriver

Adjustable Wrench

This page will guide you on how to adjust the stem lock found on 2017 and older ZiZZO Bikes.From time to time, you may need to adjust your stem lock. The following instructions will help guide you though this adjustment process. 

Before we begin, it is recommended that you have an open and unobstructed work space. The use of a bike stand is recommended but not required.

First, identify your stem lock type. If your stem lock is different from the one pictured please refer to the other guide for adjusting the stem lock. 

1. Once you've correctly identified the stem lock, fold the stem halfway.

2. Begin by adjusting and attaching the wrench to fit the long metal (silver) bar.

3. Holding the wrench, so the bar does not move, loosen the Phillips screw.


4. With the Phillips screw loosened, you can freely turn the adjustment bar.Turning the bar to the LEFT will loosen the stem lock.Turning the bar to the RIGHT will tighten the stem lock.

CAUTION: Only turn the adjustment bar 1/16 to 1/8 turn increments. Raise the stem and test by attempting to lock the stem lock. If it needs to be adjusted further, repeat the steps until the stem lock is sufficiently tightened.

5. Once the stem lock is adjusted, tighten the Phillips screw. You're all done!

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