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ZiZZO Summer Fun with the Family

by Beau Grant on July 01, 2022

ZiZZO Folding Bike July 4th

Just saying the word, “Summer” evokes so many memories for all of us. There's the one of playing “hide and seek” until your mom yelled out your name to come inside for dinner. There’s the “Independence Day” memory of standing outside and enjoying the 4th of July fireworks and lighting up the sky with sparklers. There’s the one of being an innocent bystander standing next to their ZiZZO folding bike, watching the parade then signing up for silly eating contest afterwards. Then there are all of those memories of vacations with the family and/or road trips evoking shenanigans in the backseat... which always seemed to escalate to an adult stepping in. Let’s not even talk about the chant, “Are we there yet?” you’d hear every 10 minutes.  

Those are memories from the past. So how about creating some new ones with the family?  

Summer Folding Bike ZiZZO

Playing video games with your children or grandchildren may be a lost cause, but riding a ZiZZO together is a language we can all speak! Many kids start out with some form of BMX bike, a ZIZZO will feel familiar with 20-inch wheels! Nimble and quick, your kids will be zooming around in no time.  

Just lower the stem and seat and they are off and rolling. Add a few more bikes/ZiZZOs to the fun, and we now have a party on wheels. You can pack up multiple ZiZZOs due to their compact folding size, so it’s no hassle! The more the merrier right? So, grab your helmet, comfortable exercise attire, some hydration, maybe a few bucks... and let's go!  

With just a little planning, you can fold up and head out to bicycle trails and paths that are great for family rides. Get away from the cars and traffic and find a cycling-friendly place in a beautiful setting to see a little bit of nature. You don’t have to go far to have an adventure for one hour, or all day. Pack some sandwiches or stop at a local deli you have heard of and make it your lunch stop.  

Summer Lake ZiZZO Folding Bike

Can you get out to a lake or the ocean? Beach time is calling! Fold your ZiZZOs up and throw them in the backseat or trunk of your car... and don’t forget the sunscreen. Find a good parking spot and maybe a coastal trail away from the crowds.  

Do you know of a “secret beach”? Take lunch and maybe frisbee or football for some fun at the water's edge. Is there a boardwalk near you?  There’s always some fun down there with plenty of food and people-watching going on. If you do decide to hit the sand or trails, make sure when you get home that you rinse off and dry your ZiZZO. We all know sand gets everywhere, and your bikes are no exception. Sand and dirt need to be rinsed off to keep things running smooth for future rides. 

Baseball might not be for everyone but it is, “America’s Pastime." Summer is full of your local team's day-games, and many stadiums offer bicycle valet. How fun would that be to roll up and check in your ZiZZO and then root on your team with hot dog in hand! Be sure to sing, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” and grab your ZiZZO for a ride home or back to the car when it’s over. Check with your team beforehand and find out the rules and regulations.  

ZiZZO Folding Bike Riding Ice Cream Cone

Need to stay closer to home? I’m sure you have an amazing little ice cream shop near you, right? How about a ZiZZO family spin to get a cone, then head to the park and simply sit on the swings. The simple life sometimes is the best life. Summer, ice cream, swinging on the swings and riding bikes! That sounds like a winning combination that any generation can appreciate, and best of all, it was time spent together with the ones we love.  

Happy Summer everyone! We hope you get out there and make some memories with others on your ZiZZO. 


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