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by Beau Grant on September 07, 2022

ZiZZO Folding Bike Summer to Fall 2022It may be the end of summer and almost the start of fall but that doesn’t mean that the weather has become this dreamy landscape of orange and brown colors with nice comfortable temperatures. Sure, we can have some fun with our fall decorations at home and getting into a fall vibe, but for many, there are hot balmy temperatures to deal with or even the upcoming hurricane season.  

How many times has a local weather forecast turned you away from riding your ZiZZO folding bike?   

Well maybe it's time to put a new strategy into place. Why wait for the weather to be good where you are when you can just pack up and go? Let’s just go where the weather is favorable. It may require a little driving and maybe even some light planning but let’s take the show on the road.  

ZiZZO Bike Folds and Fits Into Car Trunk
The beautiful thing about having a ZiZZO  is how compact it folds down. You can have a very small car and still easily pack it up in a backseat and/or trunk. My little Honda Accord had as many as FOUR ZiZZOs riding in it at a time! Just a little tip if you want to keep your ZiZZO’s safe from scratches or scratching your car: when laying it down... maybe use some cardboard or some form of padding.  

Always make sure to lay your ZiZZO or any bike on the non-drive side so the derailleur is pointing up. 

Sometimes seeing that forecast in advance can inspire some out-of-town ride or adventure that you might not have experienced yet. How about seeking out some trails? Do a little research and see if there are some good dirt trails you haven't explored before. With the 2-inch-wide Kenda tires on the ZiZZO Urbano and its sturdy but lightweight frame, you could be out in nature away from traffic in no time. 

You could pack a small lunch and throw it in the ZiZZO handlebar bag and make a day of it. You never know what you may see out there, so have a camera or your phone ready. I’ve seen everything from a coyote and her pups to a bear run across the road near Yosemite.  

ZiZZO Bike Trail RidingSometimes escaping the bad weather could just be a quick drive over the hill, or maybe you can take some form of public transportation to assist you with the ride. Bus, trains, ferries, taxi/Ubers are all ZiZZO friendly.  

Out here in the San Francisco Bay Area we have so many microclimates that you can go from 67 degrees to 109 in less than 60 miles. With an upcoming heatwave, it may be time for an adventure along the coast to “nature’s air conditioning.” It would be no hassle to ride my ZiZZO to the bus stop, jump on a bus to the train station, take the train to the ferry and enjoy a boat cruise across the bay to San Francisco where it's nice and cool.  

ZiZZO Bikes Near WaterThere are some amazing restaurants along the water's edge and navigating those busy city streets is no problem. The ZiZZO is so nimble and quick with its 20-inch wheels, I should be able to escape the typical cycling hazards. Leaving my ZiZZO outside for even a minute would be unwise so I can just fold it up and walk right in for lunch anywhere I go. I highly doubt anyone will say anything. It’s smaller than a piece of luggage so if they do have an issue, I will just make another food choice.  

As of writing this I have never had any establishment deny bringing in my folded up ZiZZO. So, let’s just go and not worry about the bad weather because with our ZiZZO in hand we can just take it to where the riding is good.  


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