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ZiZZO Introduces Their Own Pig Nose Adapter

by Beau Grant on March 17, 2023

We have a new edition to the ZiZZO line of products that you may or may not be familiar with. The “Pig Nose” has already been seen on our 2023 Forte model but after a lot of feedback from our ZiZZO family, a new item was designed to work with ZiZZO models Via, Forte, Urbano, and Liberte to provide the same functionality. If you would like to add a front bag, basket or a rack to your ZiZZO this new accessory will allow you to attach one that is compatible with any pig nose.  

President of ZiZZO bikes Benjamin Chen says, “We looked into many different ideas. We thought we should develop a device that can utilize bags, racks, and baskets that are currently available. After many discussions, we settled on the pig nose device which is compatible with some well-known folding bike companies' accessories, many third-party makers, AND soon, ZiZZO's own line of accessories. When we designed it, we had to make sure it was easy to install, fit well with ZiZZO bikes headtubes, hold a maximum of 15lb, and be light. Every part was designed and custom machined to our specs so our ZIZZO family would get a quality product that they have come to expect. It is our hope this device will be a valuable add-on and improve the experience of your ZiZZO bike rides. Only 100 units were made as it is a limited-edition product.” 

Our inhouse Master Tech, Tony Reyes had this to say “If you carry a load, get the pig nose for the road! Don't let the name discourage you! This accessory mount is truly innovative! Why? 

How many of us are constantly looking for ways to carry more stuff? I mean, with the popularity of bike camping, commuting on a bike and/or just riding with the family, we all carry "stuff". 
The great advantage of the pig nose is that your BIKE carries the load, not your body! The fact that the pig nose is "a part of the frame" means that the load being carried is much more efficiently and safely. This is because "dead weight" attached to the frame does not adversely affect how the bike handles; unlike mounting weight to the handlebars, for example, would.” 

You can find the new item at www.zizzo.bike by clicking here


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