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ZiZZO Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary with Storewide Discount

by Beau Grant on January 27, 2022

ZiZZO 6 Year Anniversary Sale

It’s time to Celebrate! ZiZZO adds another candle to the cake and is now 6 years old! From an idea and a dream by Henry Hon to bring fun, affordable and accessible folding bikes to the masses; to a “bike boom” due to a worldwide pandemic,  ZiZZO bikes continues to roll on.  

To celebrate this special occasion, ZiZZO bikes will be offering a site-wide sale. Get 10% off* your entire order using the code ANNIVERSARY6 at checkout on our website ZiZZO.bike starting February 1, 2022. 

So how did ZiZZO get going? One of the first ZiZZO employees Tony Reyes recounts how it all got started for him: 
Tony’s Story 
Tony from ZiZZO Bikes
Pictured: Tony on his first bike 

My personal "ZiZZO" story began in the summer of 2015. I had left REI to raise my kiddo a few years prior. I had no job, no income, no fun.  

After my son started going to preschool, I had time to work! I called up a friend to work in his shop, while I figured out what I wanted to do next in my life.  

Then, while working at my friend's shop, I was approached by Henry Hon about a chance to start a new bike company.  

"What an exciting opportunity", I thought! 

But, as always, life happens. I was taking care of my son, volunteering at his school and my time was centered around him. I told Henry and his business partner Ben about my gratitude for the offer, but I had to take care of my son, first and fore most.  

Their reply, "We'll work around YOUR schedule!"  

How could I say "no"?!? 
And so, the story began for me and what an amazing journey it has been.  
ZiZZO Folding Bike Advertisment 2016Pictured: ZiZZO Ad from 2016 

In the beginning, there was no "ZiZZO" and there was no "EuroMini". There was just Ben, Henry, George and myself. We set to work designing the best folding bike we could. Based on our combined years, knowledge and experiences in the cycling industry, we produced the first of what would become the US' best-selling folding bike!  

Those were some fun and long days.  
We were so dedicated to ZiZZO Bikes AND our new customers (and we still are!). I recall taking customer calls while attending my son's "graduation" from kindergarten to first grade, meeting customers on the weekends to fix their bikes, and turning this "bike guy" into a web design, logistics and "backend" bike business expert! 
It's been such a wonderful journey and I am grateful to the folks here and around the world that have helped to make ZiZZO as great as it is today. 

In celebrating our 6th year of ZiZZO Bikes, I want to thank each and every rider.  
You are the reason I can live my dream. 

Tony from ZiZZO Folding BikesPictured: Tony rests at REI, Tony rides at ZiZZO 
Euro-Mini Beginning 

ZiZZO started out with the idea of using the name Euro-Mini. The concept was that the European lifestyle always appreciated bicycling... and maybe they could bring over that love to the U.S.A on a smaller(mini) version.  

After some brainstorming between Henry Hon and Benjamin Chen, they thought about using the name, “Sizzle” because their bike is “sizzling fun” to ride. But then they came across a restaurant with a similar name, so they came up with “Sizzo.” They finally decided on “ZiZZO,” agreeing that it looked and sounded way better.  

It turned out that there were already a few “ZiZZOs” gracing the world - including MLS professional soccer player Sal Zizzo! After various engaging conversations, Sal sent a signed jersey to ZiZZO and ZiZZO sent him a bike. Sounds like a fair trade. 

Sal ZiZZO signed ZiZZO Bike PosterPictured: Poster of Sal ZiZZO hanging in ZiZZO lobby 

ZiZZO could never have made it this far without what has become the ZiZZO family. It is rare that a business can be so lucky to have such a devoted following in such a short period of time. According to Small Business Facts, “Half of the retail businesses close by the 5th year, but seem to hold steady if they get through those volatile years.” 

 ZiZZO appreciates your support and is always listening to feedback from the riders on social media like Facebook and Instagram. We are also amazed at all the content creators on YouTube who review and share their opinions both positive or negative about our products. We do pay close attention and are always willing to help rectify any situations that we can by reaching out. 

Big things for 2022/2023 will be coming and as soon as we have all the details you will be the first to know! We thank all of you for your continued support! Happy Pedaling for many years to come.  


*Not valid with any other discount. Must enter coupon code at checkout.  
Valid through Feb., 28, 2022. Valid only at www.ZiZZO.bike 
For more: https://zizzo.bike/pages/promotional-terms-and-conditions



by Tony on February 09, 2022

Thank you Doug! We love our ZiZZOs too!

by Tony on February 09, 2022

Hi Kelly! Thank you so much! You comments mean so much to us and we are grateful to be a positive part of your life!
As always: Be safe, stay healthy and happy riding!
Here’s to many more years and many more adventures together.

by Kelly on February 09, 2022

Congratulations 🎈 Zizzo team…I am literally addicted to my bike and it has served as medicinal therapy on those challenging days. Your product is second to none and your customer service outstanding!

Thank you Team Zizzo

by Doug on February 09, 2022

Great story. Love my zizzo!


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