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Top 5 Under the Radar ZiZZO Accessories

by Beau Grant on April 07, 2023

The cycling world loves its’s accessories! Whether you are riding a beach cruiser, racing a carbon fiber road bike, climbing hills on a mountain bike, or taking a spin with friends on your ZiZZO there are a million options to customize your bike to your needs. Clothing, electronic gadgets, and specialty upgraded parts are always a consideration once you get the cycling bug. When purchasing accessories over the years I have found things that may not have that “wow factor” when buying them but turn out to be some of the best bang for your buck items. Here are my top 5 in no particular order from the current line of ZIZZO accessories.

Trunk Bag FDP- Last year I headed out on a bikepacking journey to the mountains riding the Forte loaded up for a night of camping. When I grabbed the ZiZZO Trunk bag I had no idea how much storage I would get out of it. Not only was it roomy but the material was stout and the zippers were solid. I had that thing bulging at the seams with cans of food, water bottles, food, tools, and camera gear. The straps held strong on to the rear rack and it was a solid functioning bag that was bomb proof.

Mini Pump- Many of my cycling friends “scoff” at this little gem of a ride saver. They all use CO2 cartridges instead of pumps in case of flats. I am not knocking those great devices as they work well but sometimes things happen and maybe the Co2 runs out or you had issues and it is not an option. The mini-pump is so light and small that you really don’t even notice it. When you or a friend gets a flat it may take a little effort to pump up the tube but it may save a call to an uber or friend. We like to joke around and say that when you are not prepared to fix the bike on the road calling a friend or family member to pick you up is the “call of shame.” The mini pump has kept me from making that call more than a few times.

Derailleur Protector- At one time I personally looked at this simple little attachment and thought “this thing really isn’t going to do much.” After experiencing a few dropped Zizzo's myself and seeing some of our ZiZZO families' bikes after crashes I realized that this could be the diamond in the rough of accessories. These devices can take the brunt of the fall and quite possible end up saving the frame from damage. Most the time the derailleur hanger may just need to get replaced but for the cost of less than a fast-food meal you can have some piece of mind that your ZiZZO might avoid big time damage. It doesn’t guarantee to stop damage but, in my experience, has really minimized the brunt of the blow in an accident.

Saddle Bag- A very common part of any cyclists' accessories that may not be exciting but is a huge help. Nobody wants to carry their keys and wallet in their pockets when you can put them in a nice little bag under the seat. It is out of the way with plenty of storage for some snacks, tools, an extra tube or whatever you can cram into it. Just make sure everything is secure before you ride. Backtracking to find your stuff is no fun

Folding Lock- What else can you say? A lock that folds and is convenient to carry around. Even though most bring a ZiZZO with them instead of leaving it locked up it is always good to have.

What are your favorite under rated cycling accessories? Thanks for reading and as always enjoy the ride!

by TONY on November 20, 2023

Hey Steve Thank you for reaching out. You should be able to convert an older ZiZZO folding 20" wheeled bike without any issues.
Please call us at 866-788-2202 or email us at support@zizzo.bike if you have any questions or concerns.

by Steve Kosiara on November 20, 2023

We purchase two bikes from you several years ago. Can we convert them to electric bikes. Will the frame etc hold the person plus the motor. How hard is it to change the bike over to electric if we can?


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