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Let's Ride Our ZiZZOs for Charity

by Beau Grant on July 27, 2022

Ride ZiZZO Folding Bikes Charity

We all know how much fun riding our ZiZZOs is and the benefits that cycling gives us. What if we took that love of riding and used it to benefit others? With a little research you can find many events near you that may support everything from the local food bank to a national movement. There may be an annual event near you that has been going on for many years, or you can dig deep into one of your favorite charities and start one of your own. 

One of the most popular ways organizations can raise money or awareness is through a “Paid-in-Advance" bike ride that gives the volunteer different choices of routes and distances. Many are called, “Centuries” referring to either 100 km or 100 miles in one ride. Now for some, that may be too many miles, so the volunteer signs up to do plenty of fun, little rides that are less strenuous from 5 miles and up.  

One of the best parts of participating in one of these events happens after registration: it’s getting to see all the different riders and kinds of bikes at the start line.  

ZiZZO Bikes and Charity Events

I guarantee a ZiZZO would turn some heads here, as most people would not be on a folding bike. Before you know it, you would be getting asked to show off your folding skills and maybe if someone could “check it out” really quick for a spin in the parking lot. I can see it now as the borrower would probably be grinning ear to ear as they maneuvered around just as nimble as their big bike.  

 ZiZZO Charity Event

Once on the road during the event riding among all the other riders of all ages and abilities you would find out that the ZiZZO would keep up... as it's very efficient compared to traditional bikes... as long as you have the legs, you have the power! But it’s not a race and the camaraderie of riding will have you making new friends in no time. If you decide to push yourself to do a further distance you will find plenty of rest stops loaded with goodies to keep that energy up. Nothing wrong with a few cookies out on the road. I think you have more than earned it!  

For some people they are just happy to do their part and help a worthwhile organization raising a few bucks and having a great ride with the masses. Depending on the cause others may get quite emotional riding for someone else or in the memory of. 

Charity ZiZZO Bikes

Another popular style charity ride is when you have a birthday and choose your own month to collect donations through social media. Come up with a challenge of some sorts and ask for family and friends to help you get to a financial goal to hit in lieu of presents. It’s amazing how people will respond if you have a personal connection with the charity and they can relate to why you chose it. Animal shelters, helping the homeless, food banks, veterans, and children's organizations really hit home for many.  

I would suggest you do a little research and see that they are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and meet standards for the Charities Review Council.  

I personally have ridden for the Great Cycle Challenge and St Jude in support of my friend's daughter who passed away from cancer after being a little warrior from age 8-16. It was the least I could do as he got me into cycling 35 years ago.  

 ZiZZO Supports Childrens Cancer Awareness Month

Childrens Cancer Awareness Month is in September and I have formed a team: CLICK HERE if you are interested in joining up with ZiZZO Riders for the Great Cycle Challenge.  

Take a look at their website: CLICK HERE and do a little research if you would like to learn more.  Using our ZiZZOs to help give back is always a beautiful thing and I promise you; it may inspire you like never before. Let’s get out there and “pedal for good.” 

by Beau Grant on August 04, 2022

Great Cycle Challenge is one of my favorite events every year for sure

by Beau Grant on August 04, 2022

Hi Bob! We would love to have you join the “team”! You just sign up on your own and then join ZiZZO Riders to have your totals added to our group.

by Bob Rivoire on August 02, 2022

probably have to ride alone, but that’s okay; ride either my EuroMini or my Trek Verve+2 – did 2 Aids LifeCycles in 2005-6, SF-LA in one week -


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