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How ZiZZO Saved Christmas

by Beau Grant on December 09, 2021

ZiZZO Bikes Saves Christmas

We all know the famous story about a certain red-nosed reindeer saving Christmas. That was many years ago. Did you know about how Christmas was saved most recently when all of Santa’s reindeer went on strike? Oh..ok I didn't expect you to know it - so grab a hot cup of cocoa and a piece of gingerbread and let me tell you a story. 

2019 was a tough year for the world and everyone was anticipating a little holiday joy to cheer them up. However, up at the North Pole, Santa’s workshop was experiencing difficulties as well. The elves were overworked trying to meet the demands that they didn't anticipate.  Higher demands meant extra work for the reindeers: they had to haul even more shipments to and from different cities around the globe. When the supply shortage of reindeer food hit, they decided enough was enough. So many of them once were healthy and strong were now skinny and frail looking. Rudolph the head reindeer told Santa, "We need a vacation immediately or we are going on strike!" Santa said with a worried look, "How am I supposed to deliver these presents?" 

Reindeers Donner and Blitzen stepped forward and simultaneously said, "Thats YOUR problem now," and with the snow crushing under their hooves walked away.   

As all of the elves watched with a concerned, scared look one of them popped out from the crowd and said, "Santa, I think I have an idea!"  

Santa turned to the elf and said, "Well let's hear it... it's almost Christmas Eve!"  

The elf told him about the wonderful folding bikes his department works on. "Santa, these are strong, well-made, folding bikes called ZIZZOs! Some have LX lightweight aluminum frames with 2-inch wide Kenda tires and 8 speeds to get you anywhere!"  

ZiZZO Christmas Presents

Santa said, "I'm sure they are great bikes, but we need to take a lot of toys all around the world in ONE night. I may have to sprinkle a little bit of magic dust over them to get them to fly."  

The elves quickly got the ZIZZO line of bikes out from their workshops.  Santa pulled out a leather pouch and reached in to grab some magical dust that sparkled against the moonlight. He walked to each of the ZiZZOs that were folded up and sprinkled a little on them. As soon as the dust hit the ZiZZO it quickly sprung to life magically unfolding and locking all parts into place!  

The elves then positioned each of the ZiZZOs into place and hooked them to the sleigh loaded up with presents. Santa hopped in and buckled up as he glanced at all the "striking " reindeer with their jaws wide open. Santa then took the reins and said, "On Ferro, ON Forte, ON Liberte, ON Campo, ON Via, on Urbano...UP UP AWAY!"  

The tires spun so fast they melted the ice and grabbed traction to the tundra below. Then the sleigh got moving and within a few seconds was off the ground and flying through the sky. 

 ZiZZO had saved Christmas! 


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