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Go For A Spooktacular Halloween Ride on Your ZiZZO

by Beau Grant on October 19, 2022


It is mid-October and by now you may have seen your neighborhood with some spooky and creative decorations. At some point in the last 25 years Halloween has transformed into a month-long celebration of creepy and silly fun for everyone not just the kids. According to one poll 55% of adults without children will participate in some form of Halloween activities in 2022. 65% of all consumers purchase products related to the fun tradition spending over 10.1 billion dollars in the USA alone. As things ramp up for October 31st you will find costume parties, pumpkin patch visits, haunted house tours, scary movies and of course the epic Disney decorations if you are lucky enough to go see them.  

Those are all great but can I share one of the most underrated family fun events most likely happening really close to you? Halloween themed family bike rides! As if riding your ZiZZO by itself wasn’t fun enough can you imagine adding some Halloween themed decorations and maybe some festive colored lights to the mix while dressing up? Just google “Halloween bikes rides near me” and you may find some really fun events close by to get out there with other spooky like-minded fun seeking riders. Whether it’s a group ride of crazy costumes led by your local bike shop or an event you register for that may benefit a charity it is guaranteed to be a blast! Your ZIZZO could be the hit of the party grabbing as much attention as your costume. Maybe add some flashing lights with touches of purple and orange. With the ZiZZO rear rack you could get really creative and attach some decorations or even blue tooth speakers/boombox secured with a bungee cord or zipp ties to really bring the party to the people. How about integrating your ZiZZO Liberte into your costume? Attach the ZiZZO folding basket and add an “E.T” plush doll covered in a blanket and put on a “hoody” and you have just recreated an iconic movie scene! I do believe those were 20-inch wheels on Elliots bike. You won’t be feeling out of place in a Halloween bike event/parade especially when you see someone riding a mountain bike dressed in a hot dog costume or Yoda and Chewbacca pedaling away on a tandem. Let’s not forget about “Día de Los Muertos” as well. The unique style of costumes and decorations can also add a nice touch to your celebration. For the most part you can find these casual strolls put on by schools, bike shops, downtown associations and local rec departments for all ages. 

How would you like something a little more wicked to test your skills and get out in the dirt. Have you heard of cyclocross? Cyclocross or “CX/CROSS” is a fun sport that you ride over multiple sections of an obstacle course where you may have to get on and off your bike. Generally, these are events that you need to have a specific kind of bike to participate but some clubs/events have a “Ride What You Have” open policy and dress up on Halloween. It can get crazy and the atmosphere is one of a kind. Check into it if you are feeling a little adventurous. Even though some are “racing” there is always a lower fun category where nobody cares what place they finish in and the costumes are wild. I’ve recently brought a ZiZZO Urbano to one of the courses to see how it would do and had a blast! (Coming soon in future video/blog) 

So, we hope that you find a local event near you to participate in with your ZiZZO and  have some festive Halloween fun before the end of October. If you do, please take some pictures and share with us on Instagram and Facebook. Happy Halloween! 


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