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by Beau Grant on May 19, 2022

ZiZZO Bike To Work Day

Every year it comes and goes. Some people have heard about it, or thought about it, but they still haven’t really tried it. “National Bike to Work Day” is tomorrow at the release date of this blog and I for one am looking forward to trying it!  

Until last year (getting a job here at ZiZZO Bikes), I have always been blessed with absolutely no commute, having jobs in my hometown. Now I drive 25 miles one way through the slow grind of city streets and some side roads. For many this is nothing, but the cost of gas and the time spent driving cutting into my day, I think I found some alternative commuter options using the train. As I got excited about taking my ZiZZO folded up on the train and riding a few miles to and from the station to work, I started thinking of all the reasons why so many don’t even try.  

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why people do NOT use a bike to commute to work and a solution for each! 

1. “It's too far!” O.K I totally get that. If you commute 60 miles each way that might not work but like me, maybe combine a few modes of transportation like a train or bus to get you close to your destination and then hop on your ZiZZO for the last section. The ZiZZO is very train, bus and ferry friendly, and most likely will be able to sit right next to you all folded up so compact.  ZiZZO Folding Bike To Work Take Train

2. “I don’t want to get sweaty.” This one is a common concern. Of course, nobody wants to be smelly or sticky at work. Freshening up in the bathroom with some wet wipes might seem to be a bit much but if you don’t have a shower, it may be the option. I know some people that stop by the gym they belong to near their work and use their showers before the walk in to get the day started. Choose clothes to ride in that will wick away sweat. You may still have to head to the restroom and do whatever you feel is needed with some towels, cloth, paper towels or whatever. Is that weird in the workplace? Do what works for you and your comfort level. Bring that backpack with your fresh work clothes and you're ready. 

ZiZZO BikeToWorkDay3. “I might have a mechanical issue.” Oh yes, the wonderful patches of glass and debris commonly causing flats can be an issue. Hopefully you have the bike tuned up before hitting the road and do carry an extra tube, pump, patch kit, etc. You have to be prepared, so learning to change a flat is pretty important. If all else fails, pull out the phone and throw your ZiZZO in an Uber. 

4. “I might crash or get hit by a car.” It can be scary to ride in traffic. Last Fall I personally rode around downtown San Francisco while shooting video and felt a little intimidated. Buses and cabs were flying by, and tourists were walking all over the place, including in my way! One thing that made me feel better were those big, green-painted bike lanes. I knew outlined “MY” place to be, and of course even if I stayed inside the lines, I could still get hit, but the drivers seem to understand to not to go in them. Plan your route with a big shoulder or bike lanes if possible.  ZiZZO Folding BikeToWorkDay

5. “I have too much to carry.” Biking to work means we have to figure out how to bring stuff like laptops, clothes, toiletries, books and our lunch with us. With some planning based on your needs, you may get away with a nice big backpack or outfit your ZiZZO with some racks and bags. Put a bag on the front or back and load it up. Try it out first at home and make sure it's weighed evenly and things are tied down securely. Bungees always work well to keep things from moving around. There are a lot of bag options out there now with the emergence of bike packing and touring.  

Of course, we all know the benefits of riding to work being that it's Earth-friendly, great exercise, there is less congestion and C02 from cars, can save you money, mental health, and much more. Sometimes we just need to take that first step or pedal to just try. Maybe it turns out amazing, and if not... rethink the plan and try again?  

by Anonymous on August 02, 2022

I love this beatiful bike,but berry short $$$ maybe smal paymentes,please letme now,.
Thank you !!

by paul F henkemeyer on August 02, 2022

good riding.

by Cristina on August 02, 2022

I have too much to carry. In addition I will have to carry the saddle and helmet (once I get off the bike) which are bulky items.

by Margarita Abbott on August 02, 2022

I love my folding bike


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