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A Bike Designed for All Ages – ZiZZO

by Beau Grant on July 07, 2022

ZiZZO Folding Bike For All Ages 

Cycling might be one of the few activities where you are never too young or too old to start. Whether you see a child on their first tricycle or someone in their later years scooting down the road on their ZiZZO, the one thing that is highly noticeable is the smile and look of joy on their face.  Many people associate folding bikes as just “commuter bikes” clearly for adults. I might have thought that as well until seeing some kids lower the seats and adjust the stem then zoom off into the sunset.  

It made me realize what a great bike a ZiZZO could be for a young teen/tween!  

Sometimes kids want to go with the flow and just get the bike that is popular at the time with their friends, and that’s understandable. Sometimes a bike can just have a flashy paint job on it and that’s all it takes to get their attention.  

Some kids want to be the 1st to have something different.  

A ZiZZO can easily hit on both notes.  
ZiZZO Urbano Folding Bike for All Ages

They can show off to their friends by introducing them to an Urbano with a sleek eye-popping red, or a Liberte in silver will make the kids feel pretty confident because they know they are looking good on the bike.  

Then when they display the fully adjustable stem, seat post, and the ability to fold up the bike like a pro, they may come away from the group with additional friends, or leave behind a few observers turning their heads wondering what type of bike that is.  

Next thing you know they are “showing off,” giving a demo on how it all works. With multiple budget friendly models to choose from, a ZIZZO would be a great choice for any child 4’ 7” and up. Of course, you can lower the seat but we highly advise not to go below the minimum seat post markings printed on the back of the post.  

Recently I had a chance to take three (3) ZiZZOs to Monterey California for some video and photo opportunities. I introduced my friend and his two sons to ZiZZO, as they had never seen a folding bike. Within a minute or two they had the bike figured out- adjusting both bikes for their size and were ready to roll.  

As I watched my friends’ two sons ride off on the ZiZZO Liberte and ZiZZO Forte, I wasn’t really sure what they would think of them. Would they come back and say, “It's weird,” or “I don’t like it.” You never know with kids.  

Well, by watching their expressions I didn’t even need to ask them. They went around the park and to the trail along Monterey Bay with big grins on their faces and their bodies were fully engaged. They shifted through the gears, weaved around obstacles and people like it was a slalom course, and even slammed on the brakes to try to leave a skid mark! Their dad was quick to let them know, “O.K guys. These aren’t ours so be careful.” 

Ah yes true parenting skills on display! I must say, I think I did catch dad trying to kind of “pop a wheelie,” once as well. Yes, he still has some kid left in him too. 

ZiZZO Folding Bikes

If you are looking for a bike for your children or grandchildren my suggestion is to see what they are into first. Are they really picky and want a specific bike for a certain kind of riding or are they just happy to have a cool new bike that might not be what the rest of the kids have? Maybe a ZiZZO is the bike to choose. Not only will they have it this year but for years to come as it “grows with them.” 

Still not sure? Maybe show them all the choices at ZIZZO.BIKE and see what they think. Feel free to check out our YouTube channel with videos showing all the ways and places a ZiZZO can be used. We don’t just say, “It’s not just a commuter bike,” we prove it.  

ZiZZO Bikes On the Beach


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