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Getting The Shot with ZIZZO on World Photography Day

by Beau Grant on August 17, 2022

ZiZZO Folding Bike #WorldPhotographyDay

Who doesn’t like to snap a few photos every now and then, or maybe multiple times a day? With the amazing technology on our phones alone it is super easy to get some great shots. Maybe you like doing things with a full frame DSLR, or maybe even go old school and bring back the beauty of good old film! 

Well, whatever your choice is for inspiring your inner Ansel Adams, sometimes it just comes down to finding the perfect spot or moment to take an amazing picture.  

Of course, you can drive to that spot that EVERYONE goes to, but may I suggest something different... find inspiration with your camera while riding your ZiZZO folding bike! Over the last year of working here in Union City, California at ZiZZO headquarters, a big part of my job has been to do video/photography while riding to locations creating content. One of the unexpected perks of having the full line of ZiZZO bikes to use while filming is how much easier they make my job because of the frame design.  

ZiZZO Bike World Photography Day
Now, I have used my road bike and mountain bike in the past for my personal shots. Getting on and off those bikes is not as easy as a ZIZZO is when wanting to get a quick shot. The last thing I want to do is have a fall with cameras strapped to my back. The ZiZZO bikes handle so well with the nimble and quick 20-inch wheels, that it has never been an issue as I maneuver from one location to the next.  

I have had to weave through busy San Francisco streets at rush hour as well as squeeze by double parked trucks. Crazy cab drivers pulling out in front of me forcing me to slam on the brakes always had me on high alert. Luckily, the v-brakes on the ZiZZO Urbano I used that day were in tip top shape as they are when they come straight from the box.  

One of the things about riding your ZiZZO and taking some photos, is how it allows you to comfortably move around and see things you never would have from a car or even on foot.  

As you are spinning around something might catch your eye. I like to use the ZiZZO handlebar bag to put my camera in so it's always ready to grab when that moment hits when I think to myself, “Oooh! That would be a great shot!”  

ZIZZO Bike Cool Photograph
When an odd angle, or some interesting architecture hits the mood just right, you can pull over and let that inspiration take over as you click away.  

Or maybe you'll prefer to just stop on the spot as you see something you just have to shoot. All you have to do is just set both feet on the ground, have the camera ready to straddle the top tube, and take the shops before the moment is gone.  

Do you like doing landscape photography? It’s so easy to put the ZiZZO in the trunk or backseat and drive to your favorite destination, or discover and explore new ones. Unfold and get out on a trail to find a beautiful scene in nature.  

ZiZZO Bike Morning Sunrise
Maybe plan a photo shoot in the morning, or at the “golden hour” before sunset and just go camera crazy! Before you know it, you just got both a great low impact workout in, and captured some images that you can’t wait to get home and review.  

ZiZZO folding bike with sunset
Of course, you can take some great shots of your ZIZZO out and about too. Maybe get fancy and bring a small tripod in a backpack or strap to the ZIZZO rack if you have one and set the timer on your camera to get some great pics of yourself with your ride. If you are camera shy maybe get creative and point the camera through the spokes of the wheel and get a unique shot of something off in the distance.  

ZiZZO Bike Point of View

I like to find interesting points of view that get the camera down on the ground or even from the top looking down. Handlebar camera shots can be fun too. Sky is the limit! Give it a try.  I guarantee you will find some amazing places and unexpected ways to get creative while riding your ZiZZO and doing some photography that you may never have experienced on foot or by car.  

Happy Pedaling and don’t forget to remove the lens cap. 


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