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Terms and Conditions

Solos AirGo App’s compatibility:
• Apple iOS 11 and higher, or
• Android OS 8.0 and higher.

Activate ZiZZO home screen

• Activate zizzo mode during app initial setup after install Solos AirGo app
• Enter store name containing word “zizzo” to activate Zizzo mode

Activate Zizzo Mode in Solos Settings

• If user forgot to activate Zizzo mode during app initial setup, user can still activate the Zizzo mode through the Solos’s Settings > Switch Mode
• Enter store name containing word “ zizzo ” in Switch Mode screen to activate Zizzo mode

Solos Smartglasses Connection Indication

• Solos Smartglasses is not connected
• Solos Smartglases is connecting
• Solos Smartglasses is connected , and it will be disappeared after few seconds

(with Solos Smartglasses)

• Current / average speed
• Distance
• Elapsed time / moving time
• Map with route
• Time and distance voice reminder
• Upload activity to Strava

(without Solos Smartglasses)

• Distance and elapsed time
• Map with route
• Current / average speed
• Some features and data NOT available
• NO current / average speed
• NO moving time
• NO Time and distance voice reminder
• CANNOT upload activity to Strava

Track and Share

• Check all activity records
• Share activity record together with photo / map to IG, FB, etc.


• Solos Smartglasses settings and firmware update
• User Login / Logout
• Product Warranty Registration
• Strava connect / disconnect
• Language
• Music player selection (Apple Music / Spotify)
• User manual and Quickstart Guide


• Open Zizzo e shop for Solos Smartglasses


• Support Spotify and Apple Music (iOS only)
• If no music player is selected, ask user to choose one.
• After music player is selected, able to play / pause current music
• Long press to open selected music player


• Connect Strava account and open Strava app
• If Strava account is not connected, provide on screen instruction to guide user to connect
• If Strava account is connected, open Strava app

Call (Android Only)

• Open phone app (Android Only)

Show / Hide Apps

• Add more apps to Zizzo home screen.
• Tap “menu” button to enable edit mode to add / remove apps
• In edit mode, tap on icon to add / remove corresponding apps to / from Zizzo home screen
• Icon with lock cannot be removed

Switch Between Zizzo / Solos Mode

• Tap Solos AirGo app icon on Zizzo home screen to switch to Solos mode
• Tap on Solos Settings -> Switch to Zizzo Mode to switch back to Zizzo mode

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