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ZiZZO Urbano “The Peoples Champion in 2022”

by Beau Grant on February 17, 2023

The numbers are in from 2022 and there is a clear winner with our ZiZZO family members. Beating the Liberte by almost 2 to 1 the Urbano has become a popular choice for the masses. Over the past year and a half of testing out all the bikes and going on some ZiZZO adventures, video shoots, and all-around fun rides I think I can see why. Even though the Liberte may be a little lighter and has been described by almost anyone who has ridden it as “zippy, quick, and responsive” the Urbano seems to have found a nice following with folding bike enthusiasts. So, let’s go into a deeper dive into why this may be the case. 

Price Point- At the time of the writing of this blog the Urbano cost a little less than the Liberte. When you match the two up in our comparison chart on the website there are only a few differences that ZiZZO riders may or may not care about that may warrant the difference in price.  

Wider Tires- Some people feel more comfortable riding on wider tires for a multitude of reasons. If you have had a break from riding for a while the 2-inch-wide tires on the Urbano may give one a better sense of stability while they work on their balance. Very often we hear from our ZiZZO family through emails, social media, and calls to customer service that they want to go offroad and feel the wider tires are a better fit for them as they hit some trails.  

Wider Seat- We all have different needs when it comes to a bike seat/saddle. Some like a narrow profile and others like a little extra cushion. Many of riders we talk to that purchase an Urbano seem to choose the wider comfort saddle over the narrow sporty one and typically are happy it comes with it as the stock seat.  

Light & Beefy Frame- Even though the Liberte and Urbano share many of the same attributes when it comes to parts and frame in my personal experience when I take the Urbano off road to some tougher trails I “feel” like the frame is stiffer. That sensation of a stiffer frame with less flex whether real or just in my imagination gives me personally a sense of security that the bike can hold up under tougher conditions. It really doesn’t make sense because they are the same frame but that is just how I feel.  

Color choice- You really can’t go wrong with the color schemes of both Urbano’s. Red with black graphics or “Space Grey” with white striping. Don’t get me wrong the Liberte looks pretty sharp in Silver but color choice is pretty important to some.  

We love the Liberte for as some say its “zippiness” as well as its flashy good looks but in 2022 our ZiZZO family made it a clear choice and spoke loud and clear. The Urbano is the “Peoples Champion”. If you have had any experiences with either or both bikes feel free to comment. Until next week get out there and enjoy the ride! 


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