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ZiZZO Top 5 Beat the Heat Riding Tips

by Beau Grant on August 18, 2023


  Summer might be near the end, but the heat has cranked up a notch lately! Is it cutting into your riding time? I know the feeling as I personally don’t do well once it gets over 90 plus degrees. Here are my favorite ways to beat the heat and still ride my ZiZZO.

1. Early morning rides as the sun comes up are a great way to start the day. Half the battle is just getting out of bed at 6:00am but once I’m up and dressed I know it will be worth it. That fresh cool morning air along with the sunrise can be a great way to start the day. It doesn’t even have to be a long ride if it’s on a weekday. 30-45 minutes on a local trail is plenty to put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

 2. Sunset spins are actually my favorite during summer. After work I am ready to take advantage of falling temps and burn some pre dinner calories. If I’m lucky I may even get a free light show in the sky with an amazing sunset. A local trail close to home with a nice little creak is always guaranteed to be full of wildlife, starting to pop out for a drink just before it gets dark. Bring a camera so you can get some nice golden hour shots.

 3. Go where it’s cooler! With my ZIZZO folding up so small it easily goes into the backseat of my sedan, and I take off to the coast. We have so many microclimates in the SF Bay Area that I can drive from my home 50 miles inland to the coast and go from 100 degrees to 60 degrees. Since the bike is so portable new roads are just waiting and the adventures are endless. Exploring and finding new places often has been a result of high temperatures.

4. Riding under cover is a great way to cut the heat. Finding some shady riding spots is always a way to get that direct sunlight off your head and stay cool. I look for the packed trails near the redwoods and eucalyptus trees so I can stay in the shade and take in the amazing smells of the woods. Any kind of cover will work but it can be all the difference of loving or struggling on a ride.

5. How about a boat ride? Feel the spray of the ocean as you carry your ZIZZO on a ferry or put it on a boat and tuck it away until you reach a fun destination. Since it’s so lightweight and folds up so small many people like to grab their ZIZZO and find a little island, dock and explore by bike. We are lucky enough here at ZIZZO headquarters to be close to the SF Giants baseball stadium where they have a “bike valet” built into the facility. With a quick ride to the ferry station, we get a cool enjoyable cruise across the bay to the game, store our ZiZZO’s and then get in line for a hot dog and cold beverage. You can always count on some cool windy weather while singing “take me out to the ballgame”. Hopefully the home team wins, and we can grab our ZIZZO for a spin and then go back on the ferry.

  What are your favorite ways to keep rolling even when the weather gets hot? Feel free to comment. Don’t forget that water bottle, sunscreen, and maybe some snacks that won’t melt. Drink plenty before you go and try to drink at least a bottle of 16-20 oz per hour. According to Bicycling Magazine for rides under 60 minutes water is fine but longer rides consider adding electrolytes. Stay cool and enjoy the ride!


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