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ZiZZO Owners Share Their Pride

by Beau Grant on February 24, 2023


When I write these blogs, my hope is to either inspire, entertain, or inform anyone who comes across them. Sometimes there are no comments and just a few “likes” on Facebook. We never know what subject will touch a nerve with readers. Last week we brought out some statistics that had me call the Urbano “The People's Choice” based on units purchased. Within minutes the comments started to flow in. Some were through the Facebook page and some were on other social media as well as emails. Out of nowhere riders started to proclaim their love for their ZiZZO models. Some ZIZZO Urbano riders chimed in and said how much they agree and enjoy the ride as well. It was amazing to see the sense of pride that people felt to say that their Campo, Liberte, Forte, Via, and Ferros have given them so much happiness. I started thinking about why this blog drew more comments than most.

    When we purchase a bike, it may start out as a piece of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium but after a few rides and some time in the saddle it becomes a friend. We spend solitary moments on it sometimes alone with our thoughts unwinding from the daily grind. Then there are times on rides with family, friends, and loved ones that add to the adventure. Conversations just flow and one may find themselves opening up more than usual as the miles tick away. When someone talks about their ZiZZO, they may feel a sense of pride almost as if it is there child. I have even heard people name their bikes. The bike provides a freedom that brings us back to our childhood or the ability to create new priceless memories. We get to see places in a slowed down up-close way that will never translate in a car or on a YouTube video.

     We pamper our ZIZZOs and modify them to our likes and needs. We maintain them with care so we are always ready to get back out there riding when an opportunity arises. For some that first scratch on the paint is a real bummer. Maybe the bike fell over after a gust of wind and there is that “Oh NO” moment. You find yourself looking at the scratch like a parent checking on their child's “boo boos”. I know riders who have crashed and popped up more afraid of their bike's status than their own health. That may sound extreme but it’s true. We won’t even go into the heartache of getting your bike stolen. Luckily with a ZiZZO folding it up and taking it inside will reduce the chance of that happening.


So, it is very clear that you ALL love your ZIZZOs and we see and hear you. It makes everyone who works here happy to see your happy with the product and it is doing what we hoped it would do to enhance your life. Enjoy the Ride...whatever model you own. 


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