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by Beau Grant on October 05, 2022

Has it been a while since you have felt the freedom of pedaling a bicycle? Do you miss feeling the sun or breeze on your face as you ride down your favorite path? Sometimes things happen in life that get in the way and you haven’t been on a bike in years. Are you thinking about trying again? We sure hope so! There is nothing like the simple pleasure of riding a bike. For some it can be very nostalgic as it takes us back to a simpler time and for others just for pure joy not to mention the health and mental benefits. Have you started looking around at what kind of bike to get? Well, if you already got a ZiZZO then you probably know but for those still thinking about it I wanted to point out some reasons why a ZiZZO is a good choice for getting back to riding. We will also get our resident expert and ZiZZO bicycle tech Tony to give some great tips on how to safely start riding again after a big break. 

As you know the ZiZZO has 20-inch wheels and will put you lower to the ground. Right off the bat it gives you a better center of gravity and balance comes easier. Bikes with bigger wheels can be difficult to straddle and get on the seat as the top tube Is so high. On a big bike while you relearn your balance, putting your foot down quick before falling may be an issue. On a ZiZZO there is no hassle being able to mount or dismount from the bike. If it feels a little wobbly it’s easy enough to lightly put on the brakes and put either leg on to the ground. Stop signs and street lights can be easier to start and stop from due to the fully adjustable stem and saddle. Sometimes people feel more comfortable by having those adjustments a little lower than ideal for stability. You can start as low as you feel comfortable (within the marked limits) and then gradually raise them when you are ready for a perfectly fit bike.  

ZiZZO Tech Tony has some great suggestions on how to get back riding if you have had a big layoff.

“The big thing I want to mention is because all ZiZZO bikes are fully adjustable you can set up your ZiZZO as a balance bike to learn (or relearn) how to ride again. Just fold up the pedals, lower the saddle, lower the stem, and sit on the saddle to use your feet and scoot around on the bike. While doing that practice using the brakes, the feel, and balance of the ZiZZO. Don’t worry about pedaling or shifting, just take it in small steps. Once you master the individual aspects of the bike you can gradually put them all together"

Another simple tip is to go to an empty parking lot or any place that has a smooth surface so you don’t have to deal with any distractions. We highly suggest wearing a helmet at all times. Make sure it fits you properly and is in good shape. Most helmets will have certification stickers on them showing they meet some form of standards. Here is a great resource for that info. https://www.helmets.org  

Once you have that balance down then maybe start messing around with shifting gears. Remember to keep pedaling as you twist the grip shifter to experiment with high and low gears. Maybe practice doing some easy circles or consider making your own little obstacle course in whatever way you choose. Position your hands in a way that you can easily squeeze the brakes with your fingers while still holding the grips. 2 hands at all times will give you the stability you need in case of a pothole or bump.

Still worried about taking a spill? There is nothing wrong with wearing some knee pads and elbow pads just in case. Safety first! Don’t forget to have that water ready because even though you may just be in the parking lot you may be working harder than you thought so it’s just good to be prepared.  

We hope these few suggestions will help you take the edge off being a little nervous getting rolling again. Any skill can be achieved by breaking it down into small digestible segments and then putting them all together when you are comfortable. Enjoy the ride! 


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