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Trick Or Treat ZiZZO?

by Deborah Lockhart on October 28, 2021

It was Halloween and I wanted to get one last ride in on my ZiZZO Campo before changing into my costume and go trick-or-treating with my friends. I had noticed a trail while walking home from school which I never noticed before and I was immediately drawn to it, like it was calling my name and whispering, “Come here. I dare you.”  

So, I decided to ride the strange trail. The second I got home I hopped on the saddle. Maybe it was my imagination or the actual hard winds that were rushing by, but it seemed like the closer I got to the trail, the harder it was to pedal.  
When I got to the trail’s entrance my heart stopped. The name of the trail was named after the man responsible for a slew of murders in the town: EDMOND CLAW. Someone had scratched the lettering so it read, “Dead Man Claws.”  

The headline story in our neighborhood’s paper for that day was, “Death Row for Claw Ends Today.” 
Was this a coincidence? As my mind was trying to grasp at the abnormalities of the day, I heard the wind or a voice from beyond again whisper, “Come here. I dare you.” 
At this point I couldn’t turn back, or I couldn’t turn my back, fearing that if I did, Claw the Murderer could get me from behind. 
I responded by hitting the pedals hard while in 5th gear and pushed myself stronger as the main road trailed behind me. It was dark but the tree branches blazed in the moonlight, stretching their branches toward the trail in an attempt to capture me with their fingertips. 
Suddenly a man in a long overcoat appeared in the middle of the trail. I hit my ZiZZO’s brakes hard and almost fell to the ground. A bit dazed, I blinked and could only see flashing colors, bright lights, demon horns and a huge CLAW coming for my throat! 

“Hey Buddy, are you ok?”  
It was my friend Phillip’s dad, dressed as Krampus- the Christmas devil who punishes naughty children. 
“Oh yea, I’m fine Mr. Wayne.”

I remember saying as I got back on my ZiZZO. 
I haven’t thought of that story in years... until yesterday when I found out that Mr. Wayne and Edmond Claw used to be best friends before the murder trial. 

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