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Let's Go Off Road with ZiZZO On National Trail Day

by Beau Grant on June 02, 2023


June 3rd is National Trail Day. It is a day to recognize the benefits that all our trails provide for recreation and a way to enjoy nature. The day encourages people to seek out their local trails and share their excitement for the outdoors. It is also a way to learn about ways to get involved with community and organizations concerning trail issues. Here at ZiZZO we are all about seeking out and finding trails to ride to enhance our cycling adventures.  

It is no big secret that riding near traffic is stressful. It is almost impossible to truly enjoy riding when all your senses are focused on not getting “doored” by someone getting out of their car or trying to not get hit by someone checking to see how many likes their Instagram post got while driving. If you commute by bike in a big city, then you already know this world of dodging vehicles, pedestrians, potholes, and even stray pets. Riding a ZiZZO is so much FUN! So, let's go ride somewhere that will allow you to get those endorphins flowing and relax your mind. Looking for some suggestions or ideas to get you excited about trail riding? I think we may have a few that might inspire you. 

Nature/Landscape Photography- Almost everyone has a decent camera nowadays on their phone or some DSLR/traditional camera. Release your inner photographer and go for a ride. If you have a rack or some bags you can attach to your ZIZZO then it is easy to carry a larger camera. If you want to get fancy, there are those nice “camera slings” that you can have on ready for action. I think your camera phone will be just fine. Personally, I have seen so many beautiful, unexpected things on trails and most of the time missed the picture but that’s' O.K. as I have it in my memory now. 

Picnic time- Load up your ZIZZO Trunk bag with some food and a small blanket then find a nice shady spot out on a trail to enjoy an old-fashioned picnic. Maybe you just want to simply make a sandwich and throw it in the ZIZZO handlebar bag. Come up with a route to ride then maybe at the halfway point pullover at a scenic spot for some lunch. Add a few friends into the mix for some great conversation as people seem to really be talkative out enjoying their ZiZZOs.


Explore- No matter whether you are young or young at heart we all have that sense of adventure in us. Instead of going on the same old ride how about looking for something new? Apps like Komoot, Strava, RideByGps, and many others allow us to see what trails are out there that we may not be aware of. If the trails are not near you maybe you could take public transportation or drive yourself to a new location to ride. The ZiZZO is so easy to get in and out of your car, train, boat, or bus that finding some fun new trails should be easy.  

Trails are a lot of fun so seek them out! We feel that all the stock ZIZZO models can easily handle simple packed dirt /gravel trails. Some may find the stock Liberte narrow tires to be out of place for trails but that is an easy modification by swapping to a wider profile. The beauty of ZIZZO bikes is that they have industry standard parts and can be customized. We hope you get out and explore some fun trails and send us some pictures on our social media if you do! Enjoy the ride! 


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