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Is a ZiZZO Good For a Newbie?

by Beau Grant on March 10, 2023

We have all been there. Being new at anything can be frustrating and even kind of scary. Here at ZiZZO almost everyone here loves riding and sometimes it is easy to forget that there are a lot of new riders out there. When we talk to our new ZiZZO family members through social media or on the phone we love the enthusiasm that they have for their new bikes. They ask a lot of great questions and are eager to learn or share their stories. Sometimes through conversation we find out why they chose a ZiZZO and why they like it as their first bike/first new bike in a long time. Let's dive into what our riders have told us and see if you agree. 

Affordable- Have you checked out a lower price point road bike or mountain bike lately? Ouch! Walking into your local bike shop and the price tags are jaw dropping at times. If you can find something for under a thousand, I would be surprised. One of ZiZZO’s first priorities was to make cycling affordable. When just getting into something I always thought it was a better route to go with something affordable that didn’t break the bank to see if you will even like it. Why spend a crazy amount of money and then end up trying to sell it on Craigslist or an auction site if it doesn’t work out. 

Quality- In general people associate inexpensive with the word cheap and when something is cheap that the quality is not very good. Since everyone has access to YouTube, bicycle forums, reviews, etc. they can do their own research and see the price and then see the reviews. After time you can see a trend of any product. Of course, there will always be some negative experiences in the review world but when you average over 4 stars out of 5 from real world users and customers you can feel confident that you will be getting a quality product. With a Lifetime warranty on the frame and a 30-day satisfaction no hassle return policy ZiZZO riders can be confident they will love the bike and its craftsmanship. 

Ready Out of the Box- Tires pumped up and everything ready to go with the possibility of a few minor adjustments. Since the bikes are packed to handle most anything a rough delivery can dish out, they may take a little effort to get out of the box within minutes riders are learning how all the folding mechanisms work.  

Easy To Ride and Fun- With everything being fully adjustable newer riders like that they can dial things in that makes riding really comfortable/safe for their ability. The 20-inch wheels make things feel stable for those still working on their balance. The other common comment was that once they get the “feel” of the bike from being new is how much FUN they are having. That is music to our ears at ZiZZO. 

Storage- This one is kind of a no brainer and a top reason why anyone gets a folding bike. Maybe you just don’t have the space. The ZiZZO folds down so compact and gets out of the way until you are ready to roll. 

We couldn’t ask for a better endorsement than by the people that ride the bikes. We appreciate all the feedback from our ZiZZO family in collecting this info. Enjoy the ride. 

by Tony on March 13, 2023

Hello Eric and thank you for your post!
Your story embodies exactly what ZiZZO is all about: Helping those that WANT to ride, get out and RIDE!
Thank you for sharing and happy riding from your friends at ZiZZO!

by Eric Larson on March 13, 2023

I was looking for something small and compact bicycle to take south with me for my extended winter excursion. I didn’t want a bike rack on my SUV, didn’t want a bicycle out in the weather and wanted something a 6’3” tall person could enjoy. I hit a home run with the Zizzo. The carry bag keeps the inside of my vehicle clean. It’s a lightweight and sturdy bike. I rode it 425 miles inside Gulf State Park during my 6 week stay in southern Alabama in 2022 and in excess of 600 miles inside the park during my 7 week stay there in 2023. My wife has a matching Campo model that she enjoys riding too. The bicycle has garnered a lot of interest. We aren’t E-Bike people and enjoy the exercise we get from pedaling. You produce a great product.


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