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Celebrate Earth Day 2023 with ZiZZO

by Beau Grant on April 21, 2023


Started in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin after seeing how devastating an oil spill was in Santa Barbara, California he wanted to get young people to take their energy they showed in other protests to turn their attention to air and water pollution. Just 20 years later in 1990 Earth Day went global and has been gaining in popularity every year since. ZiZZO salutes Senator Nelson and is inspired to do our part through the promotion and love of riding our bikes for health, recreation, and an environmentally friendly form of transportation.

     This year Earth Day is on a Saturday! The weather is getting nicer and as if you didn’t already have a reason to get outside and pedal away doing it on Earth Day just makes it a little sweeter. Maybe call up a few friends, family members, or just go solo and soak in a little vitamin D and breathe in some fresh air. Don’t forget the eco-friendly sunscreen, especially if you are just getting back out after a long winter break. Fill up that water bottle and maybe store away a few snacks to keep those energy levels up. Remember to “pack in and pack out” when needing to discard those drinks and wrappers. Either find a recycling garbage can or take them back home. Every little bit counts. I must say that it is sad to see all the garbage on our roads whether it is near a town, freeway, or in the country when I am out on a ride.

Do you have a place to ride that just takes your breath away? Maybe it is near a body of water, mountains, or even desert. This beautiful Earth gives us so many opportunities to get inspired when we go out for a ride. Whether you are on a dirt trail or a paved path you never know what you may see. A gopher snake making its way across the road, buzzards perched on a tree sunning after a morning rain wing spread, or a family of deer resting in the shade on a hill.

Do you live in tight quarters in the middle of a big city? The beauty of a folding bike is to get on public transportation and have an adventure in a new place. I suggest seeking out somewhere not too far and making a day of it using trains, buses, or even a ferry. With a quick Google search, you may find bike paths you didn’t even know existed. Get away from the traffic and seek that stress free spin. I promise you it is good for the soul.

   Almost all our ZIZZO adventures over the last year in Sedona, Arizona, Joshua Tree, California, and Yosemite National Park that are featured on our YouTube channel have been some of the best riding experiences I have ever had. The sounds, smells, and visuals were so epic I almost forgot that I was “working” and needed to focus on filming/photography. I suggest getting lost in the moment and having that experience you can only get riding. Whatever your worries were they magically go away even if for just a short period of time.

  We can go into commuting by bike in a future blog as it may be one of the most important parts of Earth Days message. Until then please keep those beautiful pictures coming on our social media. Tag us in your adventures on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy the Earth and the ride!


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