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Top 10 Safe Riding Tips with the ZIZZO Convertible EKIT

by Beau Grant on August 31, 2023


As if riding our ZiZZO wasn’t already a blast now some of you are thinking about adding a little assist to the fun. Whether you are a new rider or an experienced cyclist one may find a few things that are different in comparison to how an E-bike handles and or feels. As we prepare to launch the ZiZZO Convertible EKIT we wanted to share some things to consider for a safe riding experience. As you may notice many of these suggestions work for both standard bikes and E-Bikes.

1. Follow Local/State Guidelines- At time of posting this, many states and cities are still coming up with rules to clear up any ambiguity in what some have called “The E-Bike Wild West”. We highly advise following all local and state rules for roads and trails. By adding the ZiZZO Convertible EKIT to your ZiZZO it now becomes a class 2 ebike since it meets those criteria by having a throttle and going up to 20 mph with assist. (The ZiZZO kit max is 15 mph)

2. Read the Owner's Manual- I know many of us just like to get to the fun stuff and the manuals get put aside until something happens when you need it. We highly suggest going through it as we have included some basics as well as some specific safety details that are good to know.

3. Wear a Helmet- This seems like a no-brainer but there are still plenty of riders that we see without a helmet. Statistics show that properly wearing a quality helmet that meets certifications can reduce serious head injury by 60%, traumatic brain injury by 53% and reduces the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured by 34%.

4. Follow traffic rules- This is no different than what we all should do riding with or without power to our bikes. Going the wrong way, running stop signs, and riding on busy sidewalks is just asking for trouble. Think of your bike as a car, because law enforcement does.

5. Be seen more than ever- When riding a bike, we are so vulnerable. Having lights, bright clothing, and even mirrors can help get traffic to be more aware of you and help you be aware of your surroundings.

6. Be prepared to stop sooner. Now that your bike may be 17-22 lbs heavier, there will need to be an adjustment to braking. Get used to the feel and the amount of stopping time it may take. Since the E-Kits assist or throttle only takes you up to 15 mph all ZiZZO V-brakes are perfectly fine to safely come to a stop. Check the pads on your brakes for wear as part of your regular maintenance.

7. Start out easily until you feel comfortable and safe. With the kit going from 1-5 speeds plus a full throttle feature, we suggest starting out in 1st or 2nd “speed” to see how it feels before just going full throttle. We understand that full throttle is where it may seem like the most fun but if you are not used to that speed, it is possible to get overwhelmed and possibly lose control of the bike.

8. When walking the bike or just starting to get on it have your hands over the brake levers just in case. Most likely the bike won’t jolt away from you but just in case remember the brakes act as a kill switch. It is a good habit to have those hands ready draped over the brake levers.

9. Store the bike in dry conditions but not in direct sun. Don’t use the E-Kit in extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or snow. The E Kit wheel is rated at IP65, and it isn’t advised to ride in the rain or charge in humid conditions.

10. Get used to how the terrain and your level of actual effort while using assist affects the battery life. Going up a long climb on full throttle will drain the battery a lot quicker than a casual assisted ride on a flat road. All else fails if the battery runs out of power you can still easily just pedal like normal and get to your destination.

  We hope you enjoy the extra “juice” you now have as the E-Kit was intended to enhance the cycling experience while having safe and fun exercise. Enjoy the Ride!

by Tony on October 05, 2023

Hey Craig!
Thank you for your message and we hear you! The kit is launching SOON! When you have a free moment, send us a message to suppot@zizzo.bike to add your email to our waitlist. When the kit launches, we will notify the waitlist first!
Let us know if you have any other questions.

by Craig on October 05, 2023

Thanks for the info but when will you be releasing this great addition. Although I didn’t buy your bike knowing about this ekit, when I found out about it I wanted one. So please hurry. If you need a bata user, I’ll be happy to help.


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