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The ZiZZO Convertible e-bike DIY Kit


I want to “electrify" my Liberte, too!

What do you do to electrify your Liberte too? (Don’t worry, you can!)

To install the Convertible E-bike Kit to your Liberté, there are two components you must change:

The Bottom Bracket; length:116mm

The Crankset: 48T

We tested this Bottom Bracket:

And we tested this Crankset:

If you install these components onto your Liberte, you will have essentially converted your Liberte’s drivetrain into that of an Urbano’s drive train, which is 100% compatible with the ZiZZO Convertible E-bike Kit!

Changing these components does not change how your bike feels/rides but does add a little weight.

Why can’t I just add the kit, like with the other model bikes?

ZiZZO Bikes was founded with three principles in mind; That cycling be: Accessible, Affordable and Fun. The Liberte, with its combination of lightweight and high-end components, means it’s one of the lightest folding bikes on the market. This combination of high end, lightweight parts, however, prevents any of the stock ZiZZO Convertible E-Bike kits from working with the Liberte.

The benefits to convert ZiZZO bike to an e-Bike
1. Cost-effectiveness
2. Sustainability
3. Familiarity and customization
4. Enhanced versatility
5. DIY potential
6. Upgradability

Kit comes with the following parts:
Double walled rear rim with motor
Battery/with on/off/lock key
Battery charger
Rear cargo rack with battery case
A pair of break levers with power cut off
Push throttle button
LCD display monitor
Connecting cable
Cable Harness
Zip ties
PAS Sensor (sold separately)
Urbano style Crankset (Sold by third party.)
Urbano style Bottom Bracket (Sold by third party)


Order Kit and Sensor together for your Lberté

eBike Conversion Kit (Rear hub Drive)


e-Bike speed Sensor (cadence) for Via/Urbano/Forte/Marino/Liberte (after conversion)

Urbano style bottom brocket
(Square Tapered, 116mm)

Liberté comes with a high-end, lightweight hollow sealed bottom bracket. There are currently no affordable cadence sensors. You need to change to Urbano style bottom bracket ("Cartridge Style") to install cadence sensor.


Bottom Bracket Specification: BC1.37" X 24T 68mm; 116mm; Square taper
Urbano style crank arm

Liberté comes with high-end, lightweight hollow crank arm. It has to be changed to Urbano style crank arm.


Special tools

Optional Tools

Cassette gears install/remove socket & Chain whip set


Crank arm install/remove wrench


Bottom Bracket lock ring install/remove wrench

Do you have any questions?

Check out the ZiZZO FAQ page for answers to some of the more common questions. If you do not see your question answered, please reach out to our helpful Support Team at 866-788-2202 or support@zizzo.bike

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