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Why Is ZiZZO in Short Supply?

by Luis Cruz on July 09, 2020

Briefly, Covid-19 interrupted our supply chain and unexpectedly created a higher demand


Nearly 100% of every bicycle sold in the US is completely made in China or has components coming from China. Covid-19 disrupted these factories for about three months (Feb-April), which now means, for the rest of the year factories are playing catch-up for all the orders delayed during the shut-down. Therefore, we weren't receiving any bikes for three months and what we received was at a reduced level.


Now that everyone is home with gyms closed what are people to do for exercise, and/or how are they to get around without public transportation? In a blink of an eye, bikes became the toilet paper equivalent (for outdoor/fitness/recreational) "panic purchase."


The surge in sales and a disrupted supply chain caused well-known bike companies nationwide to run out of inventory with a backlog of orders. ZiZZO is among these bikes in popular demand as more and more consumers are discovering the fun and benefits of owning our folding bikes.


Although we have a liberal return policy, of all the bikes sold we only receive about 2% in returns. Nonetheless, it is much lower than the industry standard of about 10% for hard goods sold online. Since we ship a large number of bikes, we consistently have return bikes. Fortunately, we have a great refurbishment program to sell our returned bikes at a discounted rate for those who are eager to get a ZiZZO bike. All our refurbished bikes go through a  19 point check-list to ensure each bike is 100% safe and functional before reselling. Even then, the demand for our refurbished bikes is outstripping our supply.


We do apologize to all our patrons wanting to buy our bikes, but couldn’t during this period. However, we hope to be back to normal inventory levels by August/September. Please be patient with us as we and our suppliers are doing the best to produce the best and lightest folding bikes for your money.


We do have some product coming in by late July, so if you have a particular bike you're interested in, we have a waitlist you can enter to be notified once the bikes become available. If you're interested, email us at support@ZiZZO.bike to be placed for the specific bike. But do keep in mind, our waitlist is on a "first come first serve" basis. Meaning if we sell out before you can make your purchase, you'll have to wait for the next production.


I'd like to thank you for your interest in our products. Whether you're a loyal customer and ZiZZO bike owner or have just been introduced to our folding bikes. It's because of YOU we can continue to provide such great products and services.

by Anonymous on February 15, 2022

Finally able to get on the rood (snow had to melt) Quite happy with the product, but will be swapping out the cassette for a lower range and a upgraded seat. Mind you the OEM stuff is fine, but as a life long bike rider, I have always a few mods to make the most of the cycle… A bicycle is perfect transport + healthy zero impact exercise.
The Forte is built like the proverbial brick outhouse, cannot wait to go camping off the road!.

by Moe Imerukaj on September 18, 2020

Love my ZiZZO bike. I purchased a campo from my neighbor and I loved it so much a week later,I purchased a Forte for my wife, father and myself. 2 weeks past I purchased a VIA for my daughter, niece and nephew. We now have the Campo as a spare.

And if you have a problem with your bike , don’t worry there’s Great customer service .


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