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What Happened to Euromini (Euro Mini)???

by Luis Cruz on July 02, 2020

EuroMini was a great name we started with, but we ran into trademark challenges. A business has to be flexible in order to keep growing to serve its customers. Rather than spending time and resources to push forward with the name, we decided to focus on serving our customers instead. This has paid off since ZiZZO has the highest customer satisfaction rating than any other bicycles (including regular bikes) on Amazon.

It was important that our new name continues with some European heritage, which affirms our mission: “Merging Europe’s cycling everywhere, all-the-time culture with America’s fun-loving and recreational lifestyle.”

After brainstorming and having plenty of team discussions we thought: 

"well our bikes fold like scissors", and “they're the new hot fun bike to ride . . . some might say ‘sizzling fun’.”

"How about Sizzor?"

"No, no, take out the 'r' . . . maybe change the 's' to a 'z' since ‘z’ is popular among some European languages" . . . “This will be our way to spell sizzle”

"YES, we'll be ZiZZO!"

And once we came up with that fun wordplay, we were eager to make the switch over.

To keep continuity, we started with ZiZZO by Euromini bikes. And after a few months, we decided to just make the full transition to ZiZZO bikes.

It's been a bit confusing for those who were first introduced to our bikes by the name EuroMini.

However, there is no misunderstanding that we have to continue to improve our bikes and add new models due to popular demands. Due to our meticulous quality control (QC) standards, the demand for ZiZZO bikes has been doubling every year.

All this to say ...

No, the company Euromini/ZiZZO is not stoping or cutting productions.

Yes, ZiZZO bikes are the same bikes as the initial Euromini bikes.

Yes, we are the same helpful and happy team to assist you with your folding bike 🙂 

Thank you for taking the time to read this over and for your support as a ZiZZO bike owner!


by Tony on February 11, 2022

Hi Dave
ZiZZO Bikes are designed in California and manufactured overseas (in China).

by Tony on February 10, 2022

@Betsy Higgins
Hello Betsy
Thank you for your post. Bicycle tires will typically lose air because of a hole or “diffusion”. Over the course of everyday riding, road/trail objects can puncture your bike’s tubes. Sometime the hole is small and can take 1-3 days to notice air loss. If the hole is bigger (blowout) the air loss is much faster.
The other reason a tire can lose air is through diffusion. Just like those party balloons, bicycle tires do lose air over the course of 1-3 weeks and you would need to periodically top off your bike’s tires.
If you feel the cause is something else, please reach out to our Customer Service Team. We’d be happy to discuss you bike’s air loss.

by Betsy Higgins on February 10, 2022

I love my bike but the back tire constantly needs air. How do I buy another one or is it guaranteed? Had the bike 2 months

by DAVE on February 11, 2022



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