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Top Summer Bike Tips by ZiZZO

by Beau Grant on June 23, 2022

Summer Folding Bike by ZiZZO

June 21st is Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere which is when the Earth’s tilt toward the sun is at its maximum and is in its highest point of the sky. Here at ZiZZO headquarters the sun will be up at 5:47am and will set at 8:33pm. We intend to take advantage of this warm day to put some extra miles on our Urbano while basking in the glory of those rays. Don’t worry, I have a gallon of sunscreen ready.  

All around the world many cultures celebrate this day with festivals, rituals, and sun-inspired events. I don’t think I will be lighting any bonfires while meditating, but I’m not opposed to it. There is always next year. What I think I would like to do is simply observe the beauty of mother earth while riding my ZIZZO all day long: sun up til sun down with plenty of water breaks and photo ops of course added to the mix! 

No matter how far you ride on this special summer day, or any summer day, you really need to be aware of some basic bike habits! 

An amazing ride on a ZiZZO can become no fun in a hurry if you start cramping up.  

ZiZZO Water Bottle1. Don’t wait til you’re thirsty to drink. Over many years of racing and casual riding I figure a water bottle per hour minimum is what I need. 

2. Along those lines I like to say eat/drink little and often. Now maybe you have heard about the powers of pickle juice helping with cramps. I have tried it and I felt it worked but chugging the stuff is pretty gross.

3. Know your surroundings (for once, so you can see where to get a drink). It sounds simple but I’ve depended on little general stores to be open out in the middle of nowhere only to find they were closed and ended up having to ride a long way without any fluids. If you end up having to go into a convenience store it’s great having a ZiZZO to fold up and walk in. I’ve had friends with regular size bikes they left out for less than 2 minutes leaning against the building and getting stolen. 

ZiZZO Folding Bikes Sunscreen
4. Sunscreen seems like a no brainer, but sometimes we just want to go! Then we pay for it when we get home. If you are like me and always forgetting then maybe some UV protectant long sleeves might work as well as a neck gaiter. They aren’t as hot as you would think, especially with cool moisture wicking fabrics.

5. Long rides also require preparation for the worst. Either have your credit card ready to plan on calling an Uber to get you back to safety or have some skills to fix your bike on the go. Spare tube, patch kit, pump, multi tool, chain link breaker, and maybe even a power bank is a great list of items to put in a trunk bag or whatever you have. Sometime we forget to charge our phones and that power bank can be a life saver just in case you need to make a call. Don’t forget the cord! It’s not like there are too many pay phones around anymore, right? 

ZiZZO Summer Folding Bike
6. Don’t leave your bike in a hot car. This fails to get mentioned on many of the “Don’t Do” lists for cycling in the summer. Heat can potentially swell an inflated tire and cause it to explode.  Just be aware that it can happen.

7. Bike lights aren’t just for the dark of winter. Having a taillight and a small blinking light is still a good idea in the morning and later evening or really any time.

8. Want to hit that sunset just at the right time for some pictures? Do it! Take that sweet picture of your ZiZZO then tag us on Instagram! Having the light ready to use now that the sun has disappeared will make you visible and safer. 

We hope you get out and enjoy the summer on your ZiZZO!  

ZiZZO Folding Bikes on Beach

1 comment
by John Shuey on August 02, 2022

I take a Zefal Magnum 1L water bottle on my Zizzo Forte. It is nestled into an SKS plastic water bottle holder. The holder’s design holds the bottle snugly but its flexibility allows the bottle’s extraction despite tight space for such a big bottle. And the bottle doesn’t leak when horizontal.

Also, I swapped out the stock cassette for a Sunlite 11-34. It is a little glitchy but worth the trade off to get that low gear. And I swapped out the stock seat for a “ZHIQIU Comfortable Bike Saddle Mountain Bicycle Seat” [Amazon $15.99]. It makes my longer rides (up to 40 miles] somewhat easier.

Lastly, Zizzo’s optional pedals and their cell phone holder do a great job.


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