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Converting your ZiZZO Ferro or ZiZZO Campo to an eBike.
You need to add the following parts to Shopping Cart for converting your ZiZZO.

  • A. eBike Conversion Kits
  • B. Cadence Sensor
  • C. 7-speed Gears Cassette
The following tools are options. Add to the Shopping Cart if don't own them.
  1. Crank Arm install/remove the wrench (Option)
  2. Cassette gears install/remove socket & chain whip set (Option)
  3. Bottom Bracket Lock Ring install/remove wrench (Opntion)


Click the below link to YouTube DIY Videos;


eBike Conversion Kits for Campo/Ferro

eBike Conversion Kit (Rear hub Drive)


e-Bike speed Sensor (cadence) for Campo/Ferro)


7-speed Gears Cassette