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ZiZZO Riders Share the Fun in Facebook Owners Group

por Beau Grant en October 12, 2022


It wasn’t very long ago that there was a clear distinction between brands and customers. It was pretty straightforward before social media because once you bought a product the only time you had to deal with them was if there was an issue. Most likely there was a 1 800 number to call for complaints or customer service before email was invented. If you were an “enthusiast” or “fan” of a product there might possibly be a club or organization out there but they would be hard to find. Once the internet was rolling and platforms like Facebook came out around 2006 with the ability to create “Groups” the doors were wide open to find others who shared the same passion. Most groups out there, including ones with large amounts of members, rarely have any affiliation or dialogue with a company they are fans of. That’s what makes the “ZiZZO Owners Group“ on Facebook very unique.

The Origins of the Facebook Owners Group 

When George McCune was looking for a new folding bike, he saw the name “Euro-Mini” (ZiZZO’s original name) and took a long look at the picture. Something sparked his interest but he needed to do a little research. So, he turned to Facebook to see if there was an established group that he could learn from about ZIZZO folding bikes. He didn’t find anything out there so he went ahead and made his own after a chat with ZiZZOs Tony Reyes on March 17th , 2018. The group was started in hopes of a couple other “ZiZZO enthusiasts” might find the group and they could swap stories of their adventures as well as share any interesting modifications they made. Since the bikes have industry standard parts it would be really easy to customize based on one's needs or desires.  

ZiZZO Lends A Hand.. If Needed 

With the unique circumstance of a Facebook ZiZZO Owners' Group started by a fan/enthusiast that have ZiZZO employees and tech experts as “moderators” the group not only is sharing information with each other but also getting valuable knowledge direct from the company as well. The group consists of a wide range of riders in age and experience levels. They post their personal stories, pictures, and videos of their rides in which many are very inspirational.  New members are welcomed as the group is very inclusive to all. Once in a while riders post questions that range from how to fix this or that or make adjustments. In no time many of the members will chime in with their thoughts or experiences. Not every time but once in a while ZiZZO Master Tech Tony will pop in and comment with some very detailed thoughts and advice. Having someone who has over 30 years in the bike industry to ask questions to is pretty helpful I would say. The group also gets some firsthand knowledge about new items coming out from ZiZZO and once in a while gets a peek at future projects. Many riders choose to share their modifications and it always opens up a good conversation. Sometimes it may be a new product they found to enhance the ZiZZO experience or just a simple part they chose to replace to enhance their ride. There are no questions too small or too technical in this group which makes for a comfortable place to post a question of any kind without worrying about any kind of ridicule.

For the most part the Owners group is just a fun place for everyone to show off their love for their ZiZZO and share their adventures or modifications. The group is a private group so if you are interested in joining you will be asked a few questions in order to keep out the “spammers”. We highly suggest looking into joining the “ZiZZO by Euromini Folding Bicycle Owners Group” on Facebook to share your folding bike adventures with other like-minded ZiZZO family members.  

Thanks to Paul Clothier, Maria Qyoo, Robert Sjolund, and Donna Weaver Turgeon for sharing their pictures

2 comentarios
por Tony en October 24, 2022

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, Susan! Here’s to many more summers of fun and adventures with your ZiZZO Bikes!

por Anonymous en October 24, 2022

My husband and I are seniors (73 &74). We have just finished our fourth summer of enjoying our Campo fold ups in Toronto Canada where we explore our neighbourhood local parks and lakeshore. Wherever we go we receive comments about the terrific bikes !


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