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Top 5 ZiZZO Gifts that won't break the bank

por Beau Grant en December 07, 2022


It’s that holiday time of year when many of us give gifts to family and friends. Many times my loved ones will say “Can you give me some ideas of what you would like this year?" I know everyone is on a tight budget so I like to find little things that may not be too expensive but are very useful for cycling. Here are my top gifts that won’t break the bank. 

1. ZiZZO Handlebar bag- A simple bag that fits perfectly in front of you with easy access to its roomy compartment. I have spent an afternoon shooting pictures in San Francisco and stored my full-size camera plus wallet and keys in that bag with ease. When the spring comes, I can see taking a long ride and easily fitting a sandwich and some other small foods in their to have some lunch on the go.

2. ZiZZO Trunk Bag- Last summer I took our Forte out bikepacking overnight in the mountains. I was amazed at how much stuff I crammed into this great compact water proof bag. It is well built and I pushed it to its limits. The zippers held strong as I had it bulging at the seams. Obviously having a rear rack would be beneficial to attach it to. When not on the bike it works as a great bag for anything like day trips or a simple carrying case/camera bag.

3.Mini Pump & Tubes- Having an extra tube, a multi-tool, tire levers, and a portable pump is on the must have list when it comes to cycling in my honest opinion. You will get a flat eventually or have some minor issue on the road. It is good to know some basics in case you have to change a flat so getting those items as a gift would be very welcomed if you don’t have them yet or need them replaced.

4. Bicycle Bell/ Bike Buzzer- I always thought these were just for kids to make some silly noises. These are a very underrated little device for alerting others that you are near. I can’t tell you how many times I have approached people on a path from behind and thought I said “On your left! “loud enough and they didn’t move or know I was coming. Maybe with the bell or a buzzer they would have heard me. Having a cyclist come up from behind me and not say anything as they almost brushed by has almost made me go off the road as it startled me. A buzzer or a bell alerting me from maybe 10-15 ft behind would have been nice.

5. ZiZZO Speed/Cadence Sensors- These little easy to install sensors are a fun inexpensive way to level up your riding! Use a variety of free or paid apps to pair them with to keep track of your speed and cadence which in turn can help with giving you some fun stats. Not to mention that when paired with the ZiZZO indoor trainer the world of virtual cycling on platforms like Zwift, Rouvy, BKool, or Wahoo RGT can open up a fun new way to exercise.

We suggest (not guarantee) to order by Dec 12th for deliveries to the East coast, Dec 14th for Midwest, Dec 16th for Mountain, and Dec 19th for West Coast to possibly get no later than the 23rd of December. 

Happy Holidays from all of us at ZiZZO 


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