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Top 10 Tips for Fall Riding on Your ZiZZO

por Beau Grant en September 13, 2022

ZiZZO Bike Fall 2022

How do I know it's Fall? I see Halloween candy at the store, NFL and college football season has kicked off, and my favorite Wisconsin pastry shop has sent me their holiday catalog. Even though the leaves haven't started changing colors, this is a great time to prepare for riding your ZiZZO folding bike at a time with less light, and possible damp cooler days. Below is our list of our top tips for Fall cycling. 

10. Take advantage of the beauty of fall- and seek out places to ride that can really put you in that frame of mind. Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and carnivals are great places to enjoy some fun riding. Don’t forget to have a folding basket on your ZiZZO to maybe bring home some caramel apple doughnuts, pumpkin pie, or apple fritters!

9. Dress the part- Base layers, arm warmers, neck gaiters, gloves, baklavas and other accessories that can be added or taken away as Have them ready for an evening spin in your ZiZZO trunk bag as it cools, just add where needed. If you start in the morning have those layers on and then remove them as the day starts warming up.

ZiZZO Folding Bike Fall
Keeping things clean- If you live somewhere that you can ride most of the fall you may see more grime on your chain and drivetrain. If you can clean the pulleys on the derailleur, chain, and cog (gears on rear wheel) after any wet mucky ride that will save you wear and tear. 

7. Be Aware- Seems obvious but now it may be damp and with leaves on the ground, it can make for a slippery situation. Puddles that might look small could be a deep pothole filled up with water. What was going to be a fun little splash becomes a damaged front wheel and possible crash.

6. Wet Weather Techniques- The grip isn’t as good so be careful to take turns too The ZiZZO is a pretty nimble bike with its 20-inch wheels but still can slip out around corners. Fresh rain after long periods of dry weather brings that oil to the surface.

ZiZZO Bike Tire Tread
5.Tire tread evaluation- How is the tire looking? Less tread means less traction and you are more prone to flats. If you piled up the miles over summer you may want to think about it. If you are going to put the bike away due to weather soon then maybe you can hold off and start fresh in spring. Consider maybe dropping the pressure in your tires for a little more traction as well.

4. Brake Pad Check- With water can come less stopping power. Don’t wait till you get into a situation when you need them most before replacing the pads. Don’t forget to “feather” your brakes more when it’s wet to gradually wick away the stuff that accumulates.

3. Keep Your ZiZZO dry- Sometimes we just don’t beat that cloud riding as fast as possible back home. Once home and your ZiZZO has water beading up all over it I would suggest a towel to dry it off. Check all the parts that lock, snap into place, bolts, screws, etc. Putting them away wet will lead to rust and could cause future issues.

2. Add Ons- No need to have a line of mud splattered all along your back when you can just add some fenders.

ZiZZO Folding Bikes Stay Aware
1. Increase Visibility- It's getting darker earlier so consider adding some reflective clothing, front and rear taillights, reflective tape, spoke lights or anything you can think of to be seen by cars. Whatever it takes. Don’t worry about looking “obnoxious,” just be seen! The louder and brighter the better.

So, get out there and explore on your ZiZZO before old man winter shuts us down until Spring! 




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