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ZiZZO Rides With "National Days"

por Tony Reyes en May 05, 2023

   Have you ever checked out the National Day Calendar? There are some fun and silly “National Days” out there that sometimes can inspire us to ride our ZiZZOs more! I’m pretty sure we don’t need a special day to “ride a bike”, “go outside and play”, or have a “no-diet cheat day”. This weekend a bunch of fun days shows up on the National Calendar starting with May 6th International No Diet Day, National Fitness Day, National Play Outside Day, and May 7th National Ride A Bike Day! I think we can knock out all these over the weekend! Let's give it a try!

  Saturday May 6 we can dust off that ZIZZO, pump up the tires, do a quick safety check and get pedaling. We all know cycling is one of the best activities for both mental and physical fitness. You can easily burn 500 plus calories per hour and since the endorphins are flowing you will have a smile on your face. Whether you go around the neighborhood or find some fun dirt trails, get outside and put a few miles in with friends, family, or solo.

   Since we are burning some extra calories on “National Fitness Day” while riding our ZiZZO outside on “National Play Outside Day” why don’t we just squeeze in “National No-Diet Day” while we are at it! Many of us get caught up in calorie watching and restrictive diets that we have declared war on donuts, pizza, chocolate, and ice cream. Now that we have gone outside for a ride and burned some calories, we can have a guilt free treat and participate in “National No-Diet Day”. A good friend of mine who is a personal trainer says and I quote” Have the donut life is too short!” As someone who has spent a lot of time trying to get into shape over the last year this is music to my ears. Everything in moderation, right? I know how one Oreo leads to a whole package or a slice of pizza becomes four. As long as we keep riding our ZIZZOs regularly giving ourselves a little treat occasionally should be alright.

   “National Ride A Bike Day” is slated for every first Sunday in May. Started by the “League of American Bicyclists” it will be on May 7th this year. Celebrate with a spin on your ZIZZO to a coffee shop, park, lake, trail or just around the block. Whatever you can do just get out and ride! Most of you don’t really need any extra motivation to ride but sometimes silly things like these National Days can put us over the edge to getting on the bike and off the couch. 



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