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New 2019 Campo with many new features

por Benjamin Chen en August 07, 2019

 The New 2019 Campo now features with extra values:

  • Stronger Folding Pedals
  • Wider-Comfort Saddle
  • Magnetic catch for holding the folded bike, securely 
  • Redesigned Crankset
  • Redesigned easy single folding aluminum alloy stem
  • For more upright cruiser type of riding style.
  • Weight reduced from 29 to 28 lbs


4 comentarios
por Tony en February 09, 2022

@ Angela
Hello Angela
Most accessories mounted to the FRAME (Racks, fenders) should not interfere with the folding of ZiZZO Bikes. Accessories mounted to the handle bars MAY affect folding, at least the folding of the stem.
With regards to basket options, we recommend a basket that has a quick release or disconnect systems so you can remove the basket quickly and easily for folding as most baskets would interfere with the proper folding of a ZiZZO Bike.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.

por Tony en February 09, 2022

@ Joseph Prem
Hi Joseph, my name is Tony and I am with ZiZZO Bikes. If you are still having difficulty with the you bike’s pedals, please reach out to our Customer Support Team. We’ll be happy to help resolve your concerns.

por Joseph Prem en February 07, 2022

I cannot release the pedals on my Zizzo Campo. Has anyone experienced the same problem.

por Angela en April 21, 2020

1) Which accessories can be installed without impeding the folding mechanism? Was looking to get phone holder, buzzer, rear rack, fenders, water bottle holder, lights?
2) I don’t see front basket options. Which ones would be compatible?


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