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Dream, Plan, Do, With Your ZiZZO

por Beau Grant en January 13, 2023

     For many people January represents the dark days of winter with a lot of rain, snow and inclement weather. I know a lot of people have folded away their ZiZZOs and are waiting for spring to come when the weather is better. So, what can we do in the meantime? There is no better time than to start planning a future ride or adventure! You may have heard that inspirational saying “Dream It. Plan it. Do it!” I have found using downtime from riding as a great way to do some dreaming and planning. Ever go on vacation or visit some amazing place and think “Wow! This would have been a great place to ride my ZiZZO !” Where would you like to ride your ZiZZO? We asked that question on Instagram at www.instagram.com/zizzo.bike and received some great answers.

Grand Canyon- Considered one of the 7 wonders of the world the Grand Canyon would be amazing to take a spin on using a ZIZZO. With all the busses and shuttles in the park you could fold up with ease and go see some amazing views. It may take a little planning but there are some cycling friendly trails like Hermit Rd Greenway and the Rim Trail to explore that offer smooth riding with closed to public traffic paths. You still have to be on the lookout for busses in some spots and follow the rules of the road. On a side note, don’t forget that the lowest point is 7000 ft so you may feel a little out of breath once you start pedaling if you are from a lower elevation.

Details on cycling Grand Canyon Area https://www.nps.gov/grca/planyourvisit/bicycling.html

 Florida Keys- Can you imagine a beautiful sunny day just cruising along with the ocean blue surrounding you and your ZiZZO as you feel the warm tropical breeze gently push you along? The Overseas Heritage Trail has over 90 miles of paved bike path, allowing you to experience the Florida Keys from the seat of your ZiZZO. Popular areas include Key Largo with 20 miles of continuous trail; Grassy Key where the trail rolls behind the mangroves giving visitors a more secluded feel; Saddlebunch Keys where the water views surround you and Key West where visitors have the option of riding along the main road or taking a more scenic route past beautiful beaches.

Details on website: https://www.floridastateparks.org/learn/biking-florida-keys-overseas-heritage-trail

European Travel- Albert Einstein once said "The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts. Dream big dreams” Have you ever thought about riding in France cruising along to see the Eiffel Tower or visiting one of their many famous museums? How about an Italian tour of wine country and the riding the beautiful “Strade Bianche” (White Roads) of Tuscany? Maybe Switzerland is more your style with its amazing train system that you and your ZiZZO can easily explore the country in a short period of time. Zip over to see the Matterhorn then grab your ZiZZO and take a spin around beautiful Lake Geneva. Finish the day off with some cheese fondue and some Swiss chocolates. Hey, you earned it riding so no guilt, right? There are endless places to go and Europe is well known for being cyclist friendly. Thanks to our ZiZZO family for the suggestions on Instagram.

Start planning your adventures with your ZiZZO and be ready for some sunny weather fun in 2023! It is so easy to fold and go since they are light and compact not to mention being public transportation friendly. Let us know your dream destinations in the comments below. Enjoy the ride!

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