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How to align the handlebar on your  Forte, Via, Urbano & Liberté

Tools Needed:

5 mm Allen Wrench

ZiZZO Bikes undergo strict quality control and leave our factory in 100% ride-able condition. Occasionally, the bikes may need some adjustments because handling during transit to our customers. One component that may need adjustment is the alignment of the handle bar. Occasionally the handle bar can get out of alignment during transit to our customers.

Notice how the handlebar is misaligned

The following instruction will walk you through how to adjust the alignment of your handle bar. 


1: Loosen the stem bolts (see Figure 1). Please note that there are TWO (2) stem bolts, located on opposing sides. Both stem bolts need to be loosened.



Step 2: Align the stem/handle bar relative to the front wheel. You want the handle bar to be perpendicular (90 deg) relative to the front wheel. (see Figure 2)


Step 3: Tighten the stem bolts again.That's it! You bike is now ready to ride!


Still need help? Feel free to contact us. 

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