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ZiZZO Don't Get Caught in the Dark Riding Tips

by Beau Grant on October 14, 2021

ZiZZO Night Dusk Riding Folding Bike

Fall cycling on my ZiZZO is by far my favorite time of year. Whether it’s a pre-work ride in those early morning brisk temperatures or a spectacular evening spin as the sun says goodnight dipping behind the hills sometimes things can start to get a little bit dark.  

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stayed maybe a little too long and got caught out in the dark a bit because I wanted to keep riding. I’m not a fan of riding in the dark and actually don’t really recommend it but being prepared for it is always a good idea. For some riding in the dark is normal because they commute by bike.  

ZiZZO Bike Headlight Taillight Set
Extra bright headlights on the handlebars and a visible taillight are always a solid way to start. The ZiZZO headlight and taillight set provides 800 lumens in the front with multiple settings and a bright red taillight in the back that’s also viewable from the side. Both are easily recharged with a USB cable. Being able to see and be seen is the key.  

Some people have a light on the handlebar and on top of their helmet using a special mount. It may seem odd but the lights aren't just for night.  

There is nothing wrong with setting your ZiZZO headlight and tail light set to blinking mode during the day as well. The more visible you are the better.

Don’t forget to make sure the angle of your light is not too high or straight down as well when you mount it.   


ZiZZO Night Dusk Color
Many studies have been done about clothing color choices and the general consensus is that the bright fluorescent colors like yellow/ green during the day hours and something orange or red with reflective qualities for darker evening hours. In pure darkness reflective clothing is a must. Just take a look at what the construction road workers wear at night. They know how to do it. Plenty of reflective material and placed on parts that move. Your legs and ankles are always moving when riding so having that can really help drivers see you.  

ZiZZO Bike Reflective Tape
Maybe pick up some reflective tape for your helmet at your local hardware store or search the sticker “kits” they have especially for cyclists online.  



For some inexpensive add-ons to your ZiZZO you can buy the small led lights that attach to your spokes and are very visible as they spin.  

Some newer helmets actually have lights built in if you want to research those products as well. There are many products to help you be seen and there is nothing wrong with going “overboard” if its helps. 

There is plenty more detailed info out there so maybe do some research to figure out what might fit best for your needs. Subject matter like “What's a Lumen?”, “How many Lumens is good for a bike light?”, “Best reflective cycling clothing” can get you headed in the right direction.  

The best thing about riding a ZiZZO is that if you are really too tired or too dark, then fold up ZiZZO and put it in the trunk of a car. Don’t take a chance when you don’t feel safe. Hitch a ride! 

I hope these few tips may help make your evening riding a bit better and safer. Happy pedaling! 


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