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Winter Riding With Your ZiZZO

by Benjamin Chen on July 22, 2019

Winter is coming…..are you ready?


Winter riding can pose some unique challenges, but following a few simple steps and preparations and riding in the winter can be a fun a great way to keep using your ZiZZO Bike year-round!

What are some of the challenges you may face?
Colder weather
Longer/darker nights
Wetter/snowier weather


Staying warm

With colder weather approaching, dress like you would with any other winter sport: LAYERS!
When dressing in layers for winter riding, remember your layers:

  1. Base layer: this is the layer that touchers your skin. Only one layer thick, typically, this layer does not provide warmth, but rather keeps you dry. Typically, a material that wicks moisture away from the body AND does not absorb moisture (you don’t want to be riding in a cold, wet t-shirt!
  2. Insulation: this is the layer that keeps you warm. Usually thicker and “fluffier”, this layer keeps you warm. This layer works by trapping a layer of air between you and the cold. This layer can be as simple as fleece vest, jacket or pullover to a thick and heavy jacket.
  3. You can have as many or few layers here, depending on the temperature.
  4. Outer layer: or shell, this layer protects you from the elements: Wind, rain or snow. This layer is usually only a thin material like a wind breaker or Gore-Tex shell.

Another consideration to keep in mind when riding in the winter are your extremities. Warmer socks and/or shore covers, gloves (full finger), head covers (thin enough to fit under a helmet) are all things to consider besides your body, legs and arms.

You can also consider using other sports equipment for riding as well! Ski goggles make great riding goggle too! Base layers for snowboarding work just as well for riding too!

And finally, remember to keep your liquids “warm” too! Nothing more frustrating than riding for 15 miles and reaching down for your water bottle, only to realize that your refreshing drink has turned into a frozen block!

 Staying visible

Riding in the winter can often mean riding in the dark. Making sure you have a good set of lights will help (front and rear). There are two light “styles” to consider: “To See” and “To Be Seen”:
            To See: Usually, these are the more high-powered lights. They will throw out a beam of light farther but more focused, allowing you to see further and anticipate turns and other road obstacles. You would consider these types of lights for areas that are not well lit.

            To Be Seen: These are the less expensive lights that are often sold as sets (front and rear). These types of lights put out a shorter but wider beam of light. They allow cars and other riders to see you more easily.

Make sure you dress to be seen, too. Bright colored clothing and/or vests are key.

The weather

Winter riding may mean you’ll be riding in winter weather: rain and snow. Making sure you stay dry is important, but remember, your bike doesn’t like to get wet either.

Make sure you wash your bike after your ride (do NOT use power nozzles or sprayers!). The salt from the roads can wreak havoc on your bike.

Using the right lubricant is key too. Use a “wet” lube during the winter months as they help to repel and displace water that may rust your chain.

Listen, if you can get pulled over for running a stop sign on a bike like a car can, then you can ride on the road with cars too. You are a cyclist AND have every right to be on the road with cars. When you ride on the road, avoid riding near the curbs. This is where all the broken glass, bits of metal and other nasties that can give you a flat tire lay in wait for the unsuspecting cyclist. With winter riding, this part of the road is where the snow and salts get piled up.


Riding with a ZiZZO

Don't let this be you!

With all these things to keep in mind while riding in the winter, why would you even ride at all, It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s dark!

We all know it’s great exercise to ride your bike. ZiZZO Folding bikes makes riding easier. With winter riding, it can be sunny in the morning and snowing/raining by afternoon. Not a problem with a ZiZZO. Ride to work and Uber or carpool home! Just fold and go!

A ZiZZO Bike is like a Visa Card: Everywhere you want to be! Got caught in a sudden rain? Fold up your ZiZZO and jump into your nearby coffee shop to wait it out. Started to snow on your way to work? Fold up your ZiZZO and hop on the bus!

ZiZZO Folding bikes make riding hassle free YEAR-ROUND!


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