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Top Ten Reasons Why having a ZiZZO is Better Than Having a Partner

by Beau Grant on February 10, 2022

ZiZZO Folding Bike Valentines Day

So, it's almost that time again. The time when some feel compelled to buy flowers, chocolates, jewelry and overpriced cards that contain some generic, lovey dovey sayings in some fancy calligraphy. You know what I'm talking about. It's Valentine's Day.  
If you are a fan of it and all that it is, then I say, “Enjoy!” Whatever makes you happy is all that matters. I find it amazing that according to the National Retail Federation, “Over 27.4 billion dollars was spent professing our love on February 14th.”  
Considering not everyone has a significant other, or celebrates that day, we have come up with something we all can agree on: the love for our ZiZZO!  

It is really cool when you talk to anyone who is passionate about riding any kind of bicycle and the universal love that we share. For some, riding is very therapeutic. Sometimes when we are out pedaling, the day-to-day grind seems to go away. Our mind is free and our sensations are all in clear view. We truly do build a relationship with the different kinds of riding we do and with our single, or maybe various bikes we may own.  

ZiZZO owners love sharing photos and stories; and when they do, their passion just gushes out from their Instagram and Facebook Owners User Group posts! Whether it’s a picture they take during their traveling adventures, or sharing a very positive, electric review on Amazon or our website, it is evident that there is an unbreakable bond!  

We get to choose where, when, how fast, or how slow we want to go on our ZiZZO. Since it folds up, we can also explore so many more places and take it with us wherever we go with no hassles. We love that our ZiZZOs didn’t make us break the bank and kept rolling along after many miles of smiles.  

So, we started thinking... could our ZiZZO possibly be better than having a significant other? Uh oh this could get us in a little hot water! But it's all fun, don’t take it too seriously, let's do this!  
Top Ten Reasons Why having a ZiZZO is Better Than Having a Partner 
ZiZZO Folding Bikes Love Valentines Day 2022


  1. It is always ready to go when you are 
  2. Your ZiZZO can travel miles and miles without needing to stop for any reason 
  3. It's no problem if you make a wrong turn 
  4. Your ZiZZO is ok with you admiring other ZiZZOs 
  5. It will take you wherever YOU want to go 
  6. It only needs an occasional bath/cleaning 
  7. It is just fine being cramped up in tight places on public transit
  8. Your ZiZZO will adjust just for you 
  9. Your ZiZZO is very low maintenance 
  10. A ZiZZO is always the right choice 

It's all in fun! We hope that you get to share a bike ride with someone you love. Out on the road it is always nice to see couples riding together. Sometimes you see them on a tandem bike and other times you may see them wearing matching kits/ exercise clothing.  

Someone once said, “The couple that rides together stays together.” I wouldn’t doubt it! It’s a great way to spend quality time together. Happy pedaling! 

Couple Ride ZiZZO Folding Bikes


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